Nerdsourcing: Sportsfriends, Sandbox Space, And The Rebirth Of An RPG

Posted November 12, 2012 - By Alex Rubens

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If you’ve spent any time over the last year listening to gaming podcasts, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Johann Sebastian Joust. As music plays, contestants are challenged to bump the other player’s PlayStation Move controller, jostle it, or cause enough vibration for the device to count you out. It becomes this slow-moving duel that people get really into, often going as far as to remove their shoe and throw it at the other players. I’ve even seen someone set down their controller and run around tagging everyone else.

Sportsfriends (Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders, and Hokra) wants to bring that extremely unique dynamic of player-versus-player interaction into your home – with a little less “shoe throwing.” Each of these titles gives you the thrill of competition without taxing your thumbs. The Kickstarter campaign is bringing all of these games to both the PlayStation 3 and the PC.

Reward: A $15 pledge will get you copies of all four games on either the PS3 or PC.

Elite: Dangerous

The original Elite was released back in 1988 on the BBC Micro and was the very first open-world game that allowed players explore freely in a 3D space. Everything was huge, procedurally generated, and accurate to how space works. Elite: Dangerous takes all of those mechanics to a whole new level and even adds multiplayer to the list. On top of all of that, you’ll be building out your own ship to take in this vast universe.

When you have friends roaming around, you’ll be able to take on this living a breathing world with rockets ready or cargo in tow. Trade goods, attack other ships, or even just fly off into the abyss. It’s all up to you how you want to tackle this brand new universe.

Reward: You’ll need to drop £30 (about $48) to get a digital copy of the game upon release.

Puzzlebox Orbit

How many times have you seen a remote controlled helicopter and thought, “That would be so much fun, but if only I didn’t have to use my hands to control it!” For those who daydream about taking to the skies, turn those thoughts into fuel with the Puzzlebox Orbit, a brain-controlled helicopter. Yes, that’s right. It runs off of your brain waves. Orbit uses a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset to communicate with the base station (the Puzzlebox Pyramid) over Bluetooth.

The included software decodes and interprets your brainwaves into movement for the sphere-enclosed helicopter. There’s LEDs on the base station that measure your focus and concentration, so you can easily keep track of how much control you have over the copter. If you get the lower tiered packages, you can use your iOS or Android device as a base station.

Reward: For $149, you’ll get the Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter and the Mobile EEG headset.

Pier Solar HD

Originally developed by a group of RPG fans for the SEGA Genesis, Pier Solar received praise and fans clamoring for more. The team behind the original is finally ready to bring the game to modern consoles. Pier Solar HD is exactly the same as the original release, but it’s remastered in High Definition the Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, and SEGA Dreamcast. Yeah, Pier Solar HD is coming to the SEGA Dreamcast, though in the original SD resolution.

It’s the perfect love letter to the 16-bit RPGs that still hold a place in our hearts.

Reward: A $15 pledge will net you a copy of Pier Solar HD for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, or Linux.

Nerdsourcing: Sportsfriends, Sandbox Space, And The Rebirth Of An RPG


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