Valve's Gabe Newell Confirms Source 2 Engine In Development


Posted November 12, 2012 - By Nikole Zivalich

Valve's Bald Guy Logo ExplainedWe know Gabe Newell, the final boss at Valve, must be working on an update to the Source Engine. We also know Valve is secretive and keeps its development progress under wraps until we receive a whimsical press release saying the product is complete and launching soon. These reasons are why we are desperate for updates!

For Gabe Newell's birthday he was visited by some gamers from 4chan's /v/ board. They even brought him a present, a TF2 solider hat. They also brought along a few questions, like, "Is Valve working on a new Source Engine?"

Newell replied, "We've been working on a new engine and stuff for a while." He added they were waiting for a game to launch it with.

More from the Newell's birthday surprise after the break.

A follow up question asked if the new engine was more than just an extension. Newell again confirmed, meaning we'll be getting Source 2, not just Source with a new layer of paint.

Video via DeepSpaceBass1.

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Valve's Gabe Newell Confirms Source 2 Engine In Development


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