Grand Theft Auto 5 Details Leak: Gameplay, Setting And More!


Posted November 8, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Grand Theft Auto 5 Features Three Protagonists

Well, that was quick. Only a few hours after Game Informer revealed the Grand Theft Auto 5 cover for their December issue, an internet user has uploaded what he/she says are scans of the complete article from GI.

The exhaustive article covers many aspects of GTA 5, going over the setting, scale and scope of the game. Here are some bullet-points for you guys:

Main Characters:

  • Michael: He is a retired Bank robber in middle-age. He's out of the game after making a sweet deal with the FIB, but financial matters have him returning to his life of crime. Married with two teenage children, Michael, it seems, must commit crime to maintain his upper-middle-class lifestyle. 
  • Trevor: This character is a psychopathic criminal who lives in a "desert-ghetto" of sun bleached houses and meth labs. Think Breaking Bad.
  • Franklin: Franklin is a repo man, making his living "stealing" property that people in Los Santo can no longer afford. His home-turf is the GTA 5 equivalent of Venice Beach.

Structure and Gameplay:

  • You'll switch between characters at will, using a Google Earth style interface. Between missions, you'll be able to switch from one character to another, and the characters you're not inhabiting will continue to live his life.
  • Different characters will have different strength and weaknesses as well as skill-sets
  • The world is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto 4 and San Andreas combined, when you include interiors and exteriors.
  • Ocean floor will exist, and underwater missions are confirmed.
  • Mini-games will return -- Yoga, Triathlon, Jet-Skiing, base jumping tennis, and a full golf game will be playable.
  • No dating simulation. Friends, however, will be around for you to hang with.
  • As far as the economy, you won't be buying property, but Rockstar promises that there will be lots to buy with your money.
  • The cell-phone is back, but won't be as central to the plot. Because this is 2012, it'll be a smartphone, with internet access.
  • GTA 5 will feature dynamic missions like Red Dead Redemption. If you run across a hitch-hiker, pick him up and a mission might begin.
  • No celebrities will be playing major characters.

If you want to read the whole article (and I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to whether it's genuine), here's the link. Get it before it gets pulled!

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Details Leak: Gameplay, Setting And More!


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