Fashion For A Cause -- The Vision Of The Lennon Eyewear Collection


Posted November 7, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Fashion For A Cause -- The Vision Of The Lennon Eyewear Collection

We all take sight for granted. For those of you nearsighted like me, try looking for your glasses in the morning or work with only on contact in and you know what I mean. For everyone else, just pretend you know what I’m talking about.

But it’s more than just ignoring one of our most important senses, but knowing that we can get the problem fixed in under an hour in your local mall or shopping center. Imagine losing those glasses or missing that contact in the middle of a place like Rwanda where getting something as necessary as fresh water can be an insurmountable task. Here, vision is both essential and often too high of a cost.

Adlen is already looking to change that with a revolutionary technology that makes adjusting any your eyewear as easy as turning a knob with Emergensee glasses. Now, you have a chance to help make a difference and look good at the same time by purchasing your own pair of these technological marvels.

Even now, waiting an hour for glasses seems like an eternity. Think about the wait with only 14 eye care professionals with a population with more than a million people and that only covers the country of Rwanda. Vision for a Nation, a foundation created by James Chen, gives people the chance to regain their vision without ever seeing an eye care professional.

Fashion For A Cause -- The Vision Of The Lennon Eyewear Collection

Simple yet brilliant, the Emergensee glasses work by using fluid mechanics to adjust the refraction of light. As you turn the knob on the side of the glasses, the wearer adjusts the prescription until they can finally see. There’s no waiting for the right lens or fitting them into a frame. One pair of these miracle glasses replaces the need of a full store. Better yet, the wearer adjusts the lens even after they’re set to correct for their changing vision.

Here’s how you can help. Next year, Adlens is taking that same technology and bringing home with style. The John Lennon Collection gives you the icon look with the technology that will change the world. Light and stylish; these frames focused on the look of a legends adjusts to your desired prescription. There’s no need to sit in waiting rooms with old magazines and elevator music looping over the speakers. But once you dial in your prescription, they're set to that for the rest of the time.

For the price of a regular pair of specs, you also give the gift of sight to a total stranger with your purchase. Starting in March 2013, you can purchase the John Lennon specs while helping the Vision for a Nation Foundation continue their commitment to bring glasses to those who cannot afford it. The Hemisphere Line is already up and running if you’re looking for a little style and goodwill for the holiday season. And if Lennon isn’t your look, they say that they’re looking into other celebrities to help shape their vision of style.

Sometimes all you need is a little vision to change the world.

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Fashion For A Cause -- The Vision Of The Lennon Eyewear Collection


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