Halo 4 Promotion Nets You MS Points Based On Hours Played

Posted November 7, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Halo 4

Microsoft is looking to reward your bad gaming habits with free MS Point rewards for Halo 4 players in the month of November 2012. The Halo 4 Combat Tour promotion gives you 100 pts, 300 pts, and 600 pts for 35+ hours, 70+ hours, and 140+ hours of Halo 4 multiplayer gaming on Xbox Live, respectively.

For those who are too busy fragging noobs on Ragnarok to do the math, the top-level reward amounts to roughly six hours of Halo 4 MP play every day for the rest of November. Since 600 MS Points amounts to roughly $7.50, you're looking at a working wage of around $0.05 per hour. All to help put this Microsoft-published game at the top of the Xbox Live charts in the same month that a new Call of Duty is released.

I vehemently disapprove of this message. There's nothing wrong with a little product promotion, but this Halo 4 Combat Tour effectively encourages people to put their daily lives aside and embrace excess. Your time is worth more than $0.05 per hour.

Halo 4 Promotion Nets You MS Points Based On Hours Played