5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Walking Dead


Posted October 30, 2012 - By Jeff Dunn

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The walking dead

WARNING: Spoilers follow.

Like its comic book and television show counterparts, Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game tells a story about the living disguised as a story about the dead. Yes, zombies are cool, and blowing their heads off is even cooler, but after a while their rascally man-eating antics can get a bit predictable.

Instead, what fascinates most about The Walking Dead is seeing just how Lee Everett and his often-dysfunctional band of survivors carry on in the face of the apocalypse. The video game adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic books is a grim, death-filled, and often depressing tale, but every so often it flashes signs of what it means to truly be alive. Sometimes, it shows that the world needs to crumble around us in order to understand what’s most important. Yeah, it’s pretty deep.

So, with that philosophy in mind, we’ve done some soul-searching and gathered together five life lessons that anyone can take away from The Walking Dead. Keep your Kleenex handy; this could get emotional.

THe Walking Dead

People can, and will, change
Whenever someone’s back is put up against the wall; the world gets to see what they are truly made of. The Walking Dead shows that such scenarios—like, say, a zombie apocalypse—can change people for better or for worse. Either way, they definitely will change.

For every Lee Everett, a convicted killer who gets a second chance in life and uses it to become an overall better man, there’s a Lilly Caul, a former member of the Air Force who ends up murdering in cold blood. People like Kenny and Larry commit unforgivable sins, while others like Carley and Doug end up sacrificing to save lives. Hard times will always change us; we just can’t be sure if that change will be good or not.

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Walking Dead

Everyone’s kind of a weirdo

If The Walking Dead is any indication, the end of the world will also bring out the quirks in each of us. In Episode Four, for instance, Lee, Kenny, and Clementine end up meeting Molly, a resourceful and athletic young woman who uses a sort of multi-tool for getting around the city of Savannah’s rooftops. Later on in the episode, Lee finds out that Molly has named her tool “Hilda,” and that it’s become a good friend to her throughout her travels.

In Episode Three, the gang meets Chuck, a homeless sage that plays guitar, even while the world around him is falling apart. Episode Two finds the group at the farm of the St. John’s, who keep a barn full of walkers. Others, like Doug and the young Duck, have their moments too.

The point to take away here is that everyone is different and unique in his or her own way. That may sound obvious, but it’s a fact that we often lose sight of in the hurriedness of our own lives. The Walking Dead shows that, in the direst of times, those idiosyncrasies become more apparent than ever.

Savor the little things
People in modern society have a tendency to take things for granted. Smartphones, computers, and a general overabundance of “luxurious” items have spoiled us these days, so much so that many of us couldn’t imagine going on without our material possessions. Try turning off your TV for a day to see what I mean.

The events of The Walking Dead remind us that those very things we take for granted are what’s most important in the end. Once all our everyday luxuries are lost, things like good meals, hot showers, and stable shelter become godsends in and of themselves. For Lee and crew, a dingy roadside motel becomes a safe haven, and a stick of beef jerky becomes a day’s worth of food. It’s a terrible way to live, for sure, but it does show that all the plugged-in possessions that we have today, as awesome as they may be, aren’t really necessary for our survival.

The Walking Dead: Episode Three Is Coming In August

Stay together for the kids

Time and again, Lee and company come across certain happenings that naturally break the spirits of normal people. Seeing the dead roam the streets and the living struggle to survive day after day can be pretty draining, after all. That can drive even the strongest wills to lose hope. Episode One sees a young woman named Irene commit suicide out of pure anguish, for instance, while Episode Three sees a prominent figure of the group do the same.

But if there’s one thing that keeps any of The Walking Dead’s survivors from giving up hope entirely, it’s the kids of the group, Clementine and Duck. By Episode Four, Lee has gotten to the point where anyone who threatens the safety of Clementine—his “Sweet Pea”—instantly becomes his (and the player’s) enemy. At the end of that episode, Clementine’s whereabouts are unknown, so Lee gives up the potential safety of the group’s newly-working boat and risks his own livelihood to go and make sure she’s okay. Depending on your play style, everyone else in your group can join you too.

Why? Because the kids are hope personified. They are the future. And if there’s going to be any future for the now-decimated human race, it lies in the waning innocence of their children’s faces. It’s just like what any good parent wants for their kids: the chance at a better life than they had.

The zombies of The Walking Dead are the biggest threat to that “better life,” and when their threat appears overbearing, despair settles in. Just look at Katjaa’s deathly response to what happened to her son in Episode Three (hint: it doesn’t end well). When the children are lost, the adults will soon follow. So, when Lee does everything in his power to keep Clementine alive, he’s not just being a nice guy—he’s keeping humanity moving. In the long term, that’s the only shot they’ve got.

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Walking Dead

We really need to avoid a zombie apocalypse
Pretty obvious, right? It’s true, though: if The Walking Dead is any indication, the world would go to hell in a hand basket if we were to ever face something like a zombie uprising. Mass chaos, death, depression, and confusion would settle in, and soon enough otherwise average folk are committing acts that would make most criminals blush.

While it is common to see the best of humanity rise out of the ashes of such catastrophes, The Walking Dead shows us that it’s far more common to see people revert to their basest instincts. The St. John family’s peculiar people-eating habits in Episode Two and the town of Crawford’s animalistic “survival of the fittest” mentality in Episode Four are just two of the many examples of this. Murder, betrayal, and selfishness quickly become the norms when things stop going according to plan.

All in all, it’d probably be best if we do everything in our power to avoid these kinds of worldly disasters entirely. Otherwise, the events of The Walking Dead may hit a little too close to home for those of us who are lucky enough to be alive.

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Walking Dead


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