Nerdsourcing: Distance, Building A Better Sandbox, And Give Your iPhone The Bump

Posted October 30, 2012 - By Alex Rubens

Nerdsourcing finds you the best crowd sourcing projects from Kickstater, Indiegogo, and other such sites, and brings them straight to your wallet. Give, help spread the word, or just find out what’s going to be the hot new thing in the future; nerdsourcing is there to help support the dreamers out there looking to make the impossible a reality or those looking for the next big thing. Time is limited to fund these projects so don’t wait to long.


Distance is best described as a survival racing game, which might sounds a bit weird, but when you see it in action, it totally works. It takes the fast-paced racing action of arcade titles like Rush and Cruzin’ USA and puts them inside unique environments that look like they’re straight out of Tron. This all takes place behind the wheel of a vehicle that looks like a mix between the BMW supercar from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and future hovercars from any science-fiction film.

If that hasn’t already sold you on the title, its slick and beautiful look sure will. It’s hard to believe that this is coming from a group of students who just graduated from DigiPen. It even has LAN and online multiplayer, modding tools, and controller support. It’s the full package.

Reward: Access to the early beta and the full game when finished will set you back a $15 pledge.


While the Android, Windows Phone, and the iPhone are generally on par with each other feature wise, there’s one thing that the iPhone lacks, even with the newest iPhone 5 – Near Field Communication. ‘NFC’ allows you transfer data between devices wirelessly by simply bumping phones.

FloJack is a new way to bring NFC to iOS devices through a small device that plugs into the headphone jack. While plenty of examples of the technology are shown in the video, most are done using an Android powered device, rather than the actual FloJack. This is probably due to the need for support for the device. Developers won’t integrate it into their apps until they know that that people will use it, but people can’t use it if there aren’t any apps. It’s a huge gamble at this point.

Reward: A FloJack and 5 Zapps can be yours for a $49 pledge.


Mak is the ultimate sandbox for creating with physics. It’s all about creativity, discovery, and explorations. There’s quite a bit of room to do that when you have tethers, rockets, engines, balloons, explosives, teleportation, and relative gravity at your disposal. Relative gravity is probably the most exciting part of that, as you don’t have a preset gravity point, but can alter the state of things by creating a gravity point anywhere.

Since the game is meant to promote creativity, it is extremely easy to use for beginners, but allows for deep and complex designs for those who are looking to do a bit more with Mak. Cooperative gameplay allows you to build with friends, both over network or local connections

Reward: For a $15 pledge, you’ll get a digital copy of the game when it’s finished.

Boss Monster

Boss Monster is a card game that puts 2-4 players in the shoes of everyone’s most hated enemy: the boss monster. They’re tasked with making sure that adventurers don’t make it through the dungeon by using action and trap cards to take them out. It’s an extremely simple concept, but there’s enough there to make it fun to play again and again.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about Boss Monster is its distinct retro art style. It doesn’t just put you in the shoes of the classic monster, but makes everything look like it just came from your favorite retro title. Each basic set of the game comes with 148 cards, which is more than enough for 2-4 players to play through multiple times without encountering the same outcome.

Reward: It’ll only cost you $20 to get a full retail copy of Boss Monster.

Nerdsourcing: Distance, Building A Better Sandbox, And Give Your iPhone The Bump


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