Nerdsourcing: Space Sims Galore, Unique Platformers, And An Affordable Robot

Posted October 22, 2012 - By Alex Rubens

Nerdsourcing finds you the best crowd sourcing projects from Kickstater, Indiegogo, and other such sites, and brings them straight to your wallet. Give, help spread the word, or just find out what’s going to be the hot new thing in the future; nerdsourcing is there to help support the dreamers out there looking to make the impossible a reality or those looking for the next big thing an edge on the competition. Time is limited to fund these projects so don’t wait to long.

Star Citizen

Kickstarter has seen more than its fair share of space sims, thanks to the ever increasing demand of gamers to head out into space with blasters ready and cargo in tow. One of the biggest names in the genre, Chris Roberts – the creator of the Wing Commander franchise, returns with a new game that’s looking to be the new benchmark for space sims. The team launched their own site to raise money for the new game, Star Citizen, but they’re turning to Kickstarter to get the word out and raise a few bucks in the process.

From the footage shown, it looks beautiful. Everything is set in a large-scale environment that has you launching your small ships from huge space command ships. You don’t even need to be a part of these space battles, you can decide to take your ship and just be a merchant throughout the galaxy, and it’s all up to the player with how the game takes shape.

Reward: For $30, players can get a digital copy of the final game, 1,000 Galactic Credits, and exclusive access to the Alpha and Beta.

Romo - The Smartphone Robot for Everyone

It’s not often that you can put your old smartphones to good use, especially with something as cute and innovative as Romo, the personal robot that uses that power of your iPhone or iOS device to give him the brains to do whatever you want. All you need to do is download the app on the phone that is plugged into Romo, and then any iDevice or Mac can control it. It’s simple and easy to use, while also providing users with the functionality and power to do more intensive things with it.

He’s cute and lovable, as he always has a smile on his face. The goal of Romo is to create the first affordable robot that can be used by anyone. From the progress that they’ve made so far, it looks like they’re headed in the right direction.

Reward: You can get a Romo for yourself for a $150 pledge!


Axle is a familiar platforming game that places you in control of Axle, a WW1 gear who must set out to fix all of the broken things in the world. It’s cute without being too over the top. It isn’t like many other platforms available today though, as it doesn’t follow the typical left-to-right or top-to-bottom platforming formula. Most of the objects in the world are round and you must jump between them to navigate the world. It does something different and that’s extremely refreshing when the mobile market is crowded with as many rehashes of the same ideas as it is.

Axle already won 1st place in the IEEE Gamesig Intercollegiate Showcase, but they need your help to make sure that it can be released. If they hit their first goal, they’ll be able to bring it to Android devices, but with a little bit more, it’ll come to iOS devices and the Kindle Fire.

Reward: A $10 pledge will net you an ad-free copy of Axle and $15 worth of in-game currency.

Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero is a new space-combat game that redefines frantic shooting. It puts you in the cockpit of a Strike Suit, this giant transforming fighter jet robot suit that isn’t your average mode of transportation. This allows for two very different types of play, the first is your typical space combat sim, while the other is more comparable to a mix of After Burner Climax and Transformers.

It makes for a really unique take on the space-combat genre, one that is extremely reminiscent of the early ‘90s space combat titles. Everything is fast, frantic, and over the top, but in a way that feels totally manageable. Best of all, it looks beautiful. You can check out more gameplay right here.

Reward: A digital copy of Strike Suit Zero can be yours on launch day for only a $20 pledge.

Nerdsourcing: Space Sims Galore, Unique Platformers, And An Affordable Robot


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