XCOM: Enemy Unknown Building Facilities Strategy Guide -- How To Make The Perfect HQ


Posted October 11, 2012 - By Donell Tucker

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Building Facilities Strategy Guide--How To Make The Perfect HQ

The first part of winning the battle against the aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown is having the best technology. However, in order for you to get the best weapons, armor, and security, you need your research and engineering team in top shape. Success doesn’t come cheap. They will need lots of money and alien materials. Don't worry; I'll show you where you should invest your hard-earn money to get more bang for your buck in while designing your bases.

Get your wrench and hammer ready because you're about to learn how to build a killer HQ.

Building The Perfect Satellite System

The most important items in XCOM: Enemy Unknown  are your satellites. These eyes-in-the-sky are able to identify UFOs, which Interceptors can shoot down. Afterwards, you can send your squad to collect the alien's materials. Satellites also calm the nations' panic levels. By covering a nation with satellites, you’ll ease their worried brow as well as gain a bonus such as having your research team instantly complete an interrogation.

In order to build Satellites, you first need to build either a Satellite Uplink or Satellite Nexus and then build the actual satellite. There are 16 nations that need satellites, so you need to build enough Satellite Uplinks or Satellite Nexus to hold 16 Satellites. Here is the break down:

Satellite Nexus - 4 XCOM Satellites

  • 8 Power
  • 55 Engineers
  • $300
  • 25 Alloys
  • 2x UFO
  • Bonus +1 satellite capacity to for every adjacent uplinks.

Satellite Uplink - 2 XCOM Satellites

  • 5 Power
  • 50 Engineers
  • $150
  • Bonus +1 satellite capacity to for every two uplinks constructed adjacent to one another.

I would recommend building a Satellite Nexus as soon as you can, so you can build the Satellite Uplinks around it getting bonus satellite capacity. This will cost you 225 Engineers, 25 Alloy2, 2 UFO, 28 Power, and $1,300 to get this all up and running. Start saving your pennies now.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Building Facilities Strategy Guide--How To Make The Perfect HQ

Learning How To Place Your Power Plants

There are three different kinds of power plants in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Elerium Power Stations, for instance, will provide you with the most power, but is very expensive to construct since it requires a lot of different alien materials. Here is the cost and bonus for each power plant:

Power Generator - +6 power

  • $60
  • Bonus: +2 power for every adjacent power facility

Thermo Generator - +20 power

  • $200
  • Bonus: +2 power for every adjacent power facility

Elerium Generator - +30 power

  • $275
  • 30 Elerium
  • 40 Alloys
  • 2x UFO Power Core
  • Bonus: + 2 power for every adjacent power facility.

The best power plant in terms of cost and performance is the Thermal Generators, but you can only build these bad boys on the two steam vents at the base. I would recommend mining down the steam area, building two Thermal Generator there, and then surrounding it with six other Power Generators. The total cost to do that will be $760 and provide you with 76 power. If you need more power, just build a couple more generators around the ones your already have in place.

Get More Out Of Your Engineers

As you play XCOM: Enemy Unknown you will soon realize how much more important engineers are in the game than scientists. Getting more scientists will just increase the speed of research. Engineers, however, are require to build the items. You could build every item with just one scientist.


  • 3 Power
  • 25 Engineers
  • $130

I would recommend building 4-5 Workshops together, which provide you with extra Engineers and make them more efficient. Total cost: $780, 125 Engineers, and 15 power.

By following these guidelines, you'll be able to build the perfect facility that is cost efficient and will provide you with a large monthly stipend. Let’s not forget that you’ll also gain a handful of bonuses that will help you to create better weapons and armors in order to win the fight for Earth. Good luck, Commander!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Building Facilities Strategy Guide -- How To Make The Perfect HQ


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