Borderlands 2 Boss Guide -- Taking On The Legendary Beasts

Posted October 5, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Borderlands 2

So you've finished Borderlands 2. Then you did it again on True Vault Hunter Mode. You ground your way to the level 50 cap with at least one of the game's four characters. DLC is coming, but it isn't here yet... so what's next? Farmville!

No, not that ridiculous Facebook sensation. At the moment, the endgame in Borderlands 2 is centered on one thing in particular: farming. There are orange-colored Legendary weapons, armor, shields, grenades, and relics to be gotten, and the best -- nay, the only -- way to do that is to farm the enemies that drop these rare items until they're actually dropped.

Equipping yourself with level 50 Legendaries serves two purposes: they'll help you prepare for the coming DLC releases and they'll also give you the tools you'll need to effectively squash the two big endgame boss creatures that can be found on Pandora. Read on for some farming tips that point you in the direction of some of the more useful Legendaries as well as individual boss strategies for the two invincible boss beasties.

Borderlands 2

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

There are two Legendaries in particular that, when used together in their current form, give you a tremendous edge in the two endgame boss fights. Before I tell you where and how to obtain these, a word about Legendaries: the rarest orange-colored gear in Borderlands 2 has a roughly 1 in 20 chance of dropping when you take out the enemy associated with it. There's no trick to getting these; you simply have to be patient and keep coming back for more. There's a reason they call this "farming."

Okay! First up is Conference Call, a Hyperion shotgun dropped by the game's final boss, the Warrior. Conference Call is an unusual boomstick, applying extra damage from bonus shots that travel perpendicular to the direction you fired in. The visual effect is pretty neat to behold in an open space, with pellets flying every which way. Conference Call also sports a large-ish clip and a very high rate of fire, allowing you to push out a significant amount of damage in a very short time.

Farming Conference Call is pretty simple. Head to Hero's Pass and sprint past all of the enemies until you reach the next map, Vault of the Warrior, where the final boss awaits. Take him down and search through the loot for Conference Call. Now here's the important part: if the shotgun isn't there, "Save and Quit" from the menu and reload your game before you go anywhere. When you reload, you'll still be in the Vault map -- no need to run through Hero's Pass again -- and the Warrior will have respawned. Rinse and repeat.

Conference Call is only half of the recipe. Next up is The Bee, a Legendary amp armor that gives you a huge damage bonus when your shield is full. What's neat about The Bee is that, unlike other amp shot shields, this one won't drain your shields at all when you fire a powered-up shot. So as long as you've got a full shield, you're doing mega bonus damage.

Truth be told, you might want to go for The Bee first, since the damage boost it gives you should speed up your Warrior farming considerably. Note, however, that you can't farm this one until you've completed Mordecai's quest "This Just In," which becomes available after the story mission "Toil and Trouble" is completed.

First, head to the Arid Nexus - Boneyard fast travel location. A short distance away from where you land -- straight ahead if you happen to grab a vehicle from Catch A Ride -- is an elevated radio station that you'll need to use a lift to get to the top of. You've been here before, for This Just In, and you're essentially just replaying that mission. Head to the top, hit the button to open the radio station's door, and there's your target, Hunter Hellquist. He won't be hostile initially if you've completed This Just In already.

To farm The Bee, simply take down Hunter repeatedly. Loaders spawn outside as soon as you attack him, but you needn't worry about them. If Hunter goes down and The Bee doesn't drop, "Save and Quit," reload, and head back to the tower (you'll spawn at the Boneyard travel station again). Simple.

Borderlands 2 Boss Guide -- Taking On The Legendary Beasts

Terramorphous The Very Vincible

Now that you've got Conference Call and The Bee, you're basically unstoppable. Enjoy it while you can, as I've heard from Gearbox that they know how overpowered The Bee is and will be patching it to some unconfirmed degree.

Your first stop in this grand tour of Pandora's endgame is Thousand Cuts. If you've beaten the game already then you probably got the "You. Will. Die. (Seriously)" quest from Tannis; that's the one you want. You might eventually want to farm Terramorphous for the various Legendaries that he drops, but you'll have to turn in that quest first by defeating him.

Hook a right as you enter Thousand Cuts and proceed straight until you see a red arrow sign pointing downward. Follow a series of stairs and catwalks down along the side of the cliff until you reach a cave opening. Head inside and you'll find a stone altar of sorts; interact with it to spend four Eridium and the rock wall behind the altar will slide open, revealing the entry point for Terramorphous Peak.

Head in and follow the path until you reach a pit that you can drop into. Head down and run straight forward to the large, white horn at the edge of the plateau you land on. Interact with the horn, then immediately do an about-face and run to the other end of the plateau, setting up at the base of a giant rock wall. Ultimately, you'll want to face Terramorphous with your back against that cliff face. He'll probably go down before it becomes an issue, but if he happens to smack you with a tentacle and send you skyward, having the cliff at your back will protect you from being knocked off the map.

It's pretty simple from here. Once the giant thresher spawns, aim for the eyes and unload clip after clip from Conference Call into his face. Watch in delight as his health bar melts down in seconds. The multiple Conference Call shots plus the huge damage boost that The Bee offers amounts to the most effective DPS combo in the game right now.

If you're using Axton, Zer0, or Salvador, make sure to use your active skill as well; the former two can distract Terramorphous, keeping your shields up for that much longer, and Salvador's dual-wielding adds that much more punch to your attack, especially if you've managed to farm two Conference Calls.

Once you've handed the quest in, there's a trick to farming Terramorphous. Every time you head to the Peak, you have to spend four Eridium. You'll get that much and then some from killing him, but you can skip the fee entirely by using "Save and Quit" after he's down and reloading. That'll bring you back to Terramorphous Peak with the boss respawned. This strategy works in solo and co-op sessions.

Borderlands 2 Boss Guide -- Taking On The Legendary Beasts

Unlocking The Secret Of Vermivorous The Invincible

What many fans don't know is that there's actually an even tougher endgame boss than Terramorphous in Borderlands 2. Vermivorous the Invincible is the final stage of evolution for Varkid insects. The sequence is Larval > Adult > Badass > Super Badass > Ultimate Badass > Vermivorous the Invincible.

There are many theories out there concerning how Vermivorous spawns. Some say you need to be playing with a full group of four. Others say that you need a lot of Varkids around, and that you need to let most of them evolve to the Ultimate and Super Badass stages. I've only ever gotten Vermie to pop up once, and he arrived amidst the chaos of two Ultimates, three or four Super Badasses, and numerous Badasses/Adults. According to Gearbox, it's totally random.

Whether or not you need four players to get him to spawn, it is highly advisable that you bring four players, and preferably four level 50 players. When Vermivorous does spawn, he's an extremely tough cookie. Not only is he supported by a virtual army of evolved Varkids, but he himself is also much more mobile and aggressive than Terramorphous, and he's got twice the health as well.

There's really no elegant strategy for taking Vermie down. Get him to follow you and take him on close to a spawn point. Not only will that quicken the process, it'll also give you easy access to an ammo vending machine should you actually survive long enough to require a re-up. The Conference Call/The Bee combo is certainly useful, but with Vermivorous being so aggressive and all of those other Varkids running around, it's not easy to keep your shields fully charged. If you're running with four level 50s equipped with The Bee, have at least one hang back -- far back -- to take potshots with the strongest sniper rifle available.

The best place you can go to get Vermivorous to spawn is Tundra Express. There are many Varkid spawn locations, and a lot of them are close enough to each other that you can double up on evolving insects and, presumably, double up on your chances of seeing Vermie. Don't even bother trying to make him spawn at the Creature Slaughter Dome (GameStop's pre-order exclusive). While you'll fight plenty of Varkid there, the arena resets if everyone goes down. And everyone will go down.

Vermie drops lots of loot, but the item you should be looking for is a Legendary class mod. It's actually called "Legendary [insert class] Mod," and it's similar to but more than a little bit better than the one you can get from Terramorphous.

Borderlands 2 Boss Guide -- Taking On The Legendary Beasts


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