Sega Denies Song Rights To Author... International Lizard-Man Conspiracy Confirmed?


Posted September 25, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

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Medieval 2: Total War

According to David Icke's blog, Sega has denied the British lecturer and author the use of "We Are All One," a song from Medieval 2: Total War, in an upcoming anti-war rally he is scheduled to lead in London.

"So what?" you may be asking. "Why should I care?" you might add. Because David Icke is the world's leading authority on the worldwide, lizard-alien-based conspiracy that has shaped the very history of human civilization. That's why.

In Icke's worldview, most of our world leaders and financial elite are disguised lizard people from outer space who live in the hollow earth and are bent on enslaving the human race, and, according to me, this dust-up with Sega could be the latest salvo in an information war that goes back to the beginning of human history.

We have no evidence that Sega is made up primarily of human-seeming reptiles, but the company said it denied the use of the song because Icke is too controversial a person. Icke responded:

"Using war as entertainment for the young is normal is it? Not 'controversial' at all? I don't want to be associated with Sega, either, but unfortunately they own the rights to a relevant song and I put the truth and what needs to be done before personal feelings."

I don't know if it's too much of a stretch to believe that Sega's refusal is evidence of its complicity and cooperation with the lizardmen who rule our planet, but I assume so. I mean, these are lizard-people we're talking about here, and they do. not. play.

So the real question here is: Is Sega part of a worldwide lizard-people coverup? Are they lizard-people themselves? Is their refusal to let Icke use the song proof that Icke's onto something? I don't know the answers. I'm only raising the questions here.

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Sega Denies Song Rights To Author... International Lizard-Man Conspiracy Confirmed?


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