Top 5 Apps You Need For The iPhone 5


Posted September 25, 2012 - By Dennis Scimeca

You stood in line and/or spent a ton of money to get your brand new iPhone 5. It’s slimmer and lighter and faster, but with today’s fast-moving tech culture all of that is going to remain impressive for a couple of minutes. The person you’re showing your new phone to is probably going to ask “But what can you do with it that you couldn’t do with your old phone?” or “How this is really any better?”

Here’s a list of 5 apps you can use to answer that question. Some of them are improved apps for iPhone 5, and one hasn’t been adjusted yet but may not need anything more than the new 4-inch screen. We also chose a wide variety of different kinds of apps to make sure you have plenty of ammunition to make a wide variety of people jealous of your new toy.

Top 5 Apps You Need For The iPhone 5


CNN markedly enhanced their app for the iPhone 5 release, changing the layout to take advantage of the larger screen. If you need an app to show off your expensive new gadget, and your audience doesn’t go in for the bells and whistles, you can’t beat the practicality of an easier-to navigate, shiny new presentation of the daily news.

Top 5 Apps You Need For The iPhone 5


If you’re truly busy enough to require a to-do app your schedule is probably dense with meetings and reminders and emails to send and respond to, and the other myriad tasks of a busy life. How great to be able to spread that dense schedule around on a wider display? Evernote was a good to-do app before iPhone 5, and now it’s even better in landscape mode.

Top 5 Apps You Need For The iPhone 5

Tweetbot for Twitter

Tweetbot takes advantage of the iPhone 5 screen by splitting the display up into two halves in landscape orientation. One of them is dedicated to composing tweets and the other continues to display your timeline. In portrait orientation you get a longer list of Tweets to read, but in landscape mode it’s an easier now to look at strings of Twitter conversations and compose your response tweets while having the conversation right in front of you.

Top 5 Apps You Need For The iPhone 5


This is kind of a dishonest entry, because as far as we know Netflix hasn’t been updated yet for iPhone 5. However, we’re recommending it not only because we imagine many of you are already taking advantage of streaming Netflix over your game consoles and smartphones, but the new 4-inch screen and increased color saturation on the iPhone 5 should make an immediate improvement to watching video content. This is a great way to immediately appreciate the visual improvements in the new model.

Infinity Blade 2

Infinity Blade II

There are a handful of mobile games that provide something akin to a true triple-A experience and Infinity Blade IIhovers near the top of the list. You probably know that the Infinity Blade games run off the Unreal Engine, which is the engine of choice for a huge swath of the game development community. That covers the visual appeal, but Infinity Blade II added to the Punch-Out-esque “dodge and strike” mechanics of the first game by adding additional RPG elements and more story elements. Like Evernote, this was a good app to begin with, but if you want to show off a game Infinity Blade II is going to look even more amazing on the iPhone 5.

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Top 5 Apps You Need For The iPhone 5


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