Ex Troopers Preview From Tokyo Game Show -- Lost Planet With An Anime Twist


Posted September 24, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

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Ex Troopers is the Lost Planet 3 anime style spinoff from Capcom. The title was only recently announced and as of yet we still don't know if it's coming to the states. Nevertheless, Jake Gaskill got his hands on Ex Troopers at Tokyo Game Show and was able to get a feel for its controls and style in his latest preview. Here's a piece:

"You also have a grappling hook, but it looks like you can only use it in on designated objects or specific spots. Luckily, you have a slick looking jetpack that you can use to fly short distances, lunge forward, and strafe. Lost Planet’s lack of mobility---or rather, the series’ oddly designed sense of movement---has always been one of the big turn offs for me, and while it’s obviously meant to fit in with Ex Troopers’ more fanciful anime style, the faster paced action is much more fluid and responsive than the weighty, grounded feel of Lost Planet."

For more, check out our full Ex Troopers preview from Tokyo Game Show 2012.

Ex Troopers Preview From Tokyo Game Show -- Lost Planet With An Anime Twist


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