Earth Defense Forces 4 Hands-On Preview From Tokyo Game Show -- Stomping Out The Bugs


Posted September 21, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

earth defense forces 4

Earth Defense Forces 4 features all the insanely huge bugs you could ever hope for. At Tokyo Game Show 2012, Nikole Zivalich swallowed her fear of the creepy crawlies and took on spiders the size of Cadillac Escalades. Here's a snippet from her Earth Defense Forces 4 preview:

I immediately jumped into a city full of tall skyscrapers, each connected by an intricate web. Spiders the size of six Cadillac Escalades called each web home. These spiders were indiscriminately grabbing civilians and soldiers alike, pulling them up into their webs. A quick cutscene showed a new character to the game, a female with a jetback and mech-wings, trapped in sticky lair of some menacing spider. "Have no fear, damsel! I'm here to save you!"

To find out how you're going to have to take these pests out, check our full Earth Defense Forces 4 preview from Tokyo Game Show 2012.

Earth Defense Forces 4 Hands-On Preview From Tokyo Game Show -- Stomping Out The Bugs


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