Resident Evil: Damnation Behind-The-Scenes Panel From Tokyo Game Show 2012


Posted September 21, 2012 - By Nikole Zivalich

Resident Evil: Damnation Behind-The-Scenes Panel From Tokyo Game Show 2012

Resident Evil: Damnation, or Biohazard Damnation as it is known in Japan, is a feature length horror film based on the video game series. RE: Damnation boasts some of the most realistic graphics and animation available today. We've seen this tech used in video game cutscene to offer emotional, story-driving scenes but now we're seeing it being used to power an entire film.

During Tokyo Game Show 2012, Resident Evil: Damnation's director, Makoto Kamiya and producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, treated con-goers to some behind-the-scenes footage from the film. To generate realistic human emotions and movements, mocap tech was used. If you can't picture what mocap tech is imagine a bunch of actors in tight black suits with little silver balls over them. This tech ensures each action is documented in the computer for the animators to use.

Resident Evil: Damnation Behind-The-Scenes Panel From Tokyo Game Show 2012

Makoto and Kobayashi showed off several clips giving fans a look at how a CG movie gets made. The first clip had two actors, both adorned head to toe in mocap suits. One actor was being attacked by another. It took a moment to fully understand what they were filming, but it became clear they were capturing a scene where a protagonist was fighting with a monster. In most behind-the-scenes videos I've seen, only main characters are animated this way. Rarely is a random enemy being acted out by a real actor. It was fascinating to see how each character, no matter the importance, needed to have realistic movements.

Another clip from making of Resident Evil: Damnation took place on a simple set built on sound stage. The set was supposed to be either an elevator or doorway. A mocap actor, armed with a neon mocap gun, was clinging to life from the door frame. Even though he was inches from the ground, he was acting as though his life was in danger. If you see Resident Evil: Damnation and think those animated characters really look scared, it's because the actors playing them were scared.

Resident Evil: Damnation was released as a digital download on September 15, and will be released on Blu-ray on September 25, 2012.

Resident Evil: Damnation Behind-The-Scenes Panel From Tokyo Game Show 2012


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