Halo 4 Preview: A Darker Halo


Posted September 21, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Halo 4

The next Halo game is set to come out this holiday season, and Halo 4 promises to be a monster of a title, with a darker, more serious tone than previous games. Master Chief is back, and a brand new developer, 343 Industries, is breathing new fire into the franchise. Jake "Master Chief" Gaskill has seen Halo 4 in action, and brought back a Halo 4 preview for your reading pleasure.

Here's how the game will ease you back into the world of Halo:

"Playing off of the far less spooky structure of Halo's opening mission, 343 reintroduces players to Chief and Cortana in very much the same style in Halo 4’s first mission, entitled “Dawn.” Once Cortana comes back online, her first order of business is to defrost Chief. Once Chief’s systems are reactivated, the perspective shifts to Chief in his defrosting pod. Knowing that players will immediately question why Chief’s HUD is different than when Chief went to sleep, Cortana promptly explains that she updated your suit’s firmware while you were out."

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Halo 4 Preview: A Darker Halo