Resident Evil Vs. Preview From Tokyo Game Show 2012 -- Hazard's Gone Mobile


Posted September 20, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

resident evil vs

Resident Evil Vs. is a smartphone game that puts gamers in to the shoes of Resident Evil characters and has them face off against waves of human enemies. Nikole Zivalich got to test the game out at Tokyo Game Show 2012 and brought back a preview. Here's a snippet:

"When I wasn't running into the wall, I was chasing down baddies. Men in riot gear, a blond Wekser-esque man (it may have been) made up most of the enemies chasing me. Using the bullet icon to take out my foes proved to be a bit of a challenge at first but I eventually got that hang of it. Getting the hang of it happened at around the time I discovered the RPG, so I think that helped."

For more, read our full Resident Evil Vs. preview from Tokyo Game Show 2012.

Resident Evil Vs. Preview From Tokyo Game Show 2012 -- Hazard's Gone Mobile


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