New PS3 "Super Slim" Leaked Ahead Of Tokyo Game Show Reveal


Posted September 18, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

New PS3

The PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" has been leaked ahead of its expected reveal at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference. Polish site Polygamia.pl (via TheSixthAxis) reported on a promotional poster they saw for Polish electronics store Media Expert that teased a new Playstation 3 model and a September 28,2012 date.

Sony filed a new PS3 SKU with the FCC back in July, when we first learned of the new PS3 models. Supposedly, there will be two new PS3 models offered: a 12GB and a 500GB, but we don't know their price points yet. We're expecting to learn more about the PS3 super slims during Sony's TGS press conference, but for now Sony hasn't confirmed (or denied) the existence of the consoles.

Be sure to head back to TheFeed for Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference to maybe learn more about this alleged slim PS3, and to find out what else the company is working on. The event starts at 9PM PT on September 18, 2012 and you can head to our Tokyo Game Show site then for all the updates you need.

Source: Eurogamer

New PS3 "Super Slim" Leaked Ahead Of Tokyo Game Show Reveal


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