How To Find The Minecraft Easter Egg In Borderlands 2

Posted September 17, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Borderlands 2 Easter Egg: Minecraft Invades Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software got some Minecraft in my Borderlands 2. As you've no doubt read by now, there's a pretty sweet easter egg buried in the just-released looter shooter that nods very directly to Mojang's blocky world builder. Not just some random nod, but a fully playable (small) chunk of game with some custom heads and skins for you to collect.

Before we go any further, a warning: you should totally stop reading RIGHT NOW if you're a Minecraft fan. There's lots of joy to be had in actually puzzling out where the easter egg is. I'll tell you straight-up that, having beaten the game, I knew immediately which world location the easter egg would be found in based on one of the earlier quests. Once you know where, it's really not too hard to follow visual cues that lead you to the general area.

In other words, I'm saying that half the fun of this easter egg is finding it for yourself. I'm going to sketch out some rough directions for those who simply don't have the desire to poke around, but just know that I'll totally judge you for using them.

The first thing that you'll want to do is head to the Caustic Caverns. I forget exactly when you end up there in the main quest, but it's definitely somewhere past the halfway point. It'll be easier if  you've out-leveled this area since you'll have to fight through some tough customers to get to the easter egg location, but there are no surprise bosses that you'll have to face before you arrive.

Your destination is the set of train tracks that ends at the northwest corner of the map. You can follow a number of routes to get there. It's obvious enough where you have to go when you look at the map view. Just get to that northwest corner of the map and get yourself to the end of those train tracks. The Minecraft area is technically on the other side of the big door that the tracks lead to, but you won't be opening that door.

Instead, face the door and turn right. You should see a path leading off into the rocks with a cube-shaped block that you can jump onto and over. Do that and keep hugging the rocks on your left until you reach a narrow path that leads to... a pile of Minecraft dirt blocks. The joys of the easter egg lie past those blocks, and you'll have to break them to get through. Guns don't work though, just so you know. This is Minecraft we're talking about after all.

Your rewards include character heads and skins for each of the game's four playable characters, though you might need to visit the location multiple times in order to get them all. I'm not going to spoil exactly what's behind those dirt blocks, but if you saw the screenshots that are floating around on the Internet then you probably have a pretty good idea already.

Kudos to Gearbox for paying homage to one of the most impressive video games we've ever seen. The virtual LEGO set that is Mojang's Minecraft is a truly special game, and it's neat to see that knowing nod of approval from the dev team at Gearbox.

How To Find The Minecraft Easter Egg In Borderlands 2


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