Black Ops 2 Includes Wingsuits, Jetpacks, Possible Zombies Campaign

Posted September 17, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

We've got some new details to share with you for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this morning from two rather unlikely sources. First up is an Activision sizzle reel meant to show off the publisher's "launch window" lineup for the Wii U. The video is similar to what ran when Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg took the stage during Nintendo's price/release date reveal, but there's a bunch of fresh, new Black Ops 2 footage tacked onto the end of it (via Polygon).

Among the new footage are oh-so-brief looks at features, most likely from the campaign, that we haven't seen yet. Uniformed soldiers soaring through a rocky valley in wingsuits. An entire freaking squadron of jetpack-wearing grunts. You know... dumb stuff that no one could possibly care about. You can see that video above.

In a totally separate section of the web-o-sphere, an Amazon product listing suggests that Black Ops 2 will also include a full Zombies campaign (via Kotaku). The listing specifically reads: "The inclusion of Zombies in gameplay, both... as an option in multiplayer and as a campaign option."

Treyarch has revealed very little so far about the return of Zombies mode. We know it exists and we know that it supports more players now. There have been hints that it could be moving in a competitive direction, but the only thing we really know for sure is that it's bigger than it has been before. Given the number of CoD fans out there who worship that mode, spending hours working through all of the elaborate easter eggs, a campaign of some sort would certainly make sense.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 hits stores on November 13, 2012. There's no value for Activision in having whatever's new about Zombies come as a complete surprise, which means that we can probably expect to finally hear more about that mode sometime in the coming weeks.

Black Ops 2 Includes Wingsuits, Jetpacks, Possible Zombies Campaign


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