Borderlands 2 Gunzerker Guide -- Salvador Proves That Good Things Come In Small Packages

Posted September 14, 2012 - By Dan Fasulo

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Borderlands 2's resident Tank Salvador takes the Berzerker role from the original and kicks it up a notch by adding Dual-Wielding weapons. The new game follows a similar skill progression system to the original, with three different skill trees, each focused on building a different aspect of your character.

Most of the individual skills have multiple levels that stack the improvements if you take the skill multiple times. Underneath the Gunzerker Action Skill, Salvador has the Gun Lust, Rampage, and Brawn skill trees.

To make sure you get the most out of Salvador's Gunzerking power, use these pointers to help you build a better berserker in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2

Salvador's Action Skill: Gunzerking – Salvador’s skill will let you use two of your favorite toys at once to dish out a ton of damage. Just hit the button and let it rip. The one sticking point to remember in the heat of battle - Gunzerking has a brutal cooldown by Borderland standards - 42 seconds.

To augment Salvador, take a look at his skill trees, and then I'll provide what I think are the skills to take.

Gun Lust - The skills in the Gun Lust tree are built more around reloading quickly, swapping weapons, and tweaking your gun stats.

Locked and Loaded - Tier 1: Reloading your gun will give you +5% Fire Rate, per level, for a short time.

Quick Draw - Tier 1: Gives you +7% Weapon Swap speed and +2% Critical Hit Damage per level.

I'm Your Huckleberry - Tier 2: Gives you +3% Damage and Reload speed when you're using Pistols, per level.

All I Need Is One - Tier 2: When you swap weapons, the next shot you fire will have +8% damage, per level.

Divergent Likeness - Tier 3: If you Gunzerk with two of the same type of weapon, you'll gain +6% Damage. If you Gunzerk with two different types of weapons, you gain +6% accuracy, both per level.

Money Shot - Tier 3: The last bullet fired from a clip does +8% damage, per level, per magazine size, maxing out at +80% per level.

Auto Load - Tier 3: Killing an enemy will automatically reload all of your weapons that aren't in your hands, but are equipped. If you swap guns after Auto Load, Locked and Loaded will also take effect.

Lay Waste - Tier 4: Kill Skill, killing an enemy will grant you +8% Fire Rate and +5% Critical Hit Damage with guns, per level, for a short time.

Down But Not Out - Tier 4: You can Gunzerk while in Fight For Your Life.

Keep It Piping Hot - Tier 5: While Gunzerking is in cooldown, you gain +5% Gun Damage, +6% Melee Damage, and +5% Grenade Damage per level.

No Kill Like Overkill - Tier 6: Any excess damage to an enemy that kills them is transferred to the next enemy shot at.

Rampage - The skills in the Rampage tree focus around ammunition and Gunzerking.

Inconceivable - Tier 1: You gain up to a 10% chance for a shot to not use ammo, depending on how low your health and shields are.

Filled to the Brim - Tier 1: You gain +5% Magazine capacity and +3% Ammo capacity per level for all weapons.

All in the Reflexes - Tier 2: You get +6% Reload Speed and +4% Melee damage per level.

Last Longer - Tier 2: You get +3 seconds of Gunzerking per level.

I'm Ready Already - Tier 3: You gain +6% Gunzerking Cooldown Rate per level.

5 Shots or 6 - Tier 3: Gives you a 5% chance, per level, to add an additional round of ammo when firing, instead of expending ammo.

Steady As She Goes - Tier 3: Gives you a big ol' +80% Recoil Reduction as well as a 30% chance to improve accuracy on a hit while Gunzerking.

Yippee Ki Yay - Tier 4: This will increase the duration of Gunzerking by 0.6 seconds, per level, every time an enemy is killed while Gunzerking.

Double Your Fun - Tier 4: With this skill, when you toss a grenade while Gunzerking, you throw two grenades instead - the second grenade doesn't cost any ammo either.

Get Some - Tier 5: When you shoot an enemy, it decreases the cooldown on Gunzerking by 0.6 seconds, per level. But this skill has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Keep Firing... - Tier 6: While Gunzerking, you gain up to an +88% increase in Fire Rate and +25% Reload Speed, depending on how long you hold the trigger down.

Brawn - The Brawn Skill Tree will make you physically tougher.

Hard to Kill - Tier 1: Gives you +4% Maximum Health and you regenerate 0.1% of your health per second, per level.

Incite - Tier 1: When you take damage, you gain +6% Movement Speed and +5% Reload Speed for a few seconds.

Asbestos - Tier 2: Grants -8% Negative Status Effect Duration, per level.

I'm The Juggernaut - Tier 2: Kill Skill, Killing an enemy grants +4% Damage Reduction for a short time.

Ain't Got Time To Bleed - Tier 3: While Gunzerking, you'll regenerate up to 0.8% of your Maximum Health, per second, per level, depending on how low your health is.

Out of Bubblegum - Tier 3: Grants +7% Fire Rate while your shield is depleted.

Fistful of Hurt - Tier 3: This is a melee override, throws a heavy punch that does massive damage and knockback. This skill has a 15 second cooldown.

Bus That Can't Slow Down - Tier 4: Gives you +10% Movement Speed per level while Gunzerking.

Just Got Real - Tier 4: Gives you up to +8% Gun Damage, per level, depending on how low your health is.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus - Tier 5: Taking Damage grants you +0.4% Health Regeneration per level, for 5 seconds. This effect doesn't stack.

Come At Me Bro - Tier 6: While Gunzerking, you can hit the Action Skill button again to taunt enemies into attacking you. You'll instantly heal to Full Health and gain a massive Damage Reduction boot too.

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Building A Better Gunzerker

Salvador is very clearly your tank, so you're going to want to grab some of the Health boosts from the Brawn tree. Hard to Kill and Asbestos are both early skills that will make you a lot more resilient. In addition, the Tier 6 perk in Brawn is really intriguing - Come at Me Bro. It'll let you Tank more effectively while also Gunzerking.

I think you really need to grab Divergent Likeness from the Gun Lust tree to really make Gunzerking even stronger. Keep it Piping Hot from that same tree is a great grab too, it'll help you keep dealing extra damage while Gunzerking is in cooldown. I think you can make a real argument for the middle Tier Rampage skills to really kick Gunzerking up a notch, as well as the two Tier 4 skills in Rampage - Yippee Ki Yay and Double Your Fun.

The ones that are health dependent aren't necessary, unless you're building for the higher tier skills, except for Ain't Got Time to Bleed - Health Regen, especially while Gunzerking and low on health is a pretty standard Tank skill. Since none of Salvador's skills really favor any particular weapon, with the one exception of I'll Be Your Huckleberry, you can pretty much use any weapons you want.

If you do decide to grab the Fire Rate skills, like Out of Bubblegum, I would recommend using the Rifles to get the best boost. Keep building him up, and he'll be unstoppable in no time.

Borderlands 2 Gunzerker Guide -- Salvador Proves That Good Things Come In Small Packages


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