Borderlands 2 Siren Guide -- Maya Learns To Play With Fire

Posted September 14, 2012 - By Dan Fasulo

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The Borderlands 2 Siren classes offer one of the most unique player characters out there today.

Maya brings a little bit different skills to the table than her predecessor Lilith did, but provides a somewhat similar role. Our new siren in Borderlands 2 brings the Phaselock skill to battle, which lets her freeze enemies in place and makes them easy targets for your team to focus. Make proper use of her abilities using skills from her three trees - Motion, Harmony and Cataclysm - and she'll be your crowd control expert in no time.

We're here to walk you through Maya's skill tree and help you create the most powerful Siren on Pandora.

borderlands 2

Maya's Action Skill: Phaselock - you'll be able to suspend enemies inside a bubble of energy for 5 seconds initially. Even in solo play, it's a great ability for crowd control. Once you upgrade it with certain skills, you'll be able to use it for offense just as much as defense. The one downside is that repeatedly Phaselocking the same enemy yields decreasing results. Plus side, it has a pretty quick cooldown of only 13 seconds.

To make sure Maya can keep locking down enemies all the way through the campaign, grab skills from her three trees - Motion, Harmony and Cataclysm.

Motion - The skills here focus on crowd control and defense.

Ward - Tier 1: Grants you a +5% Shield Capacity and -8% Shield Recharge Delay, per skill level.

Accelerate - Tier 1: Gives you a +3% Gun Damage and +4% Bullet Speed increase per level.

Suspension - Tier 2: This will increase the duration of Phaselock by 0.5 seconds per level.

Kinetic Reflection - Tier 2: Kill Skill, killing an enemy will grant you the ability to deflect bullets at nearby enemies, reducing your Damage by 10% and dealing 20% Damage per level for a short time.

Fleet - Tier 3: Your Movement speed is increased by 10% per level when your shields are depleted.

Inertia - Tier 3: Kill Skill, killing an enemy regenerates 0.8% of your shield per second and increases your Reload Speed by 10% per level for a short period of time.

Converge - Tier 3: Phaselocking enemies will draw them closer together. There’s only one level of this.

Quicken - Tier 4: Increases the cooldown rate on Phaselock by 6% per level.

Sub-Sequence - Tier 5: When an enemy dies while Phaselocked, there's a 20% chance, per level, that the Phaselock will transfer to another enemy.

Thoughtlock - Tier 6: Phaselock now causes enemies to fight among themselves, essentially fighting with you. Phaselock's Duration and Cooldown are both increased though, by 3 seconds and 4 seconds respectively.

Harmony – The skills here mainly focus on healing.

Mind's Eye - Tier 1: Gives you +5% Critical Hit Damage and +6% Melee Damage per level.

Sweet Release - Tier 1: When you kill an enemy that's Phaselocked, a Life Orb is released, one per level, that will seek you and your allies out to heal. The Life Orb will heal more depending on how much health you have, up to 15% per Orb.

Restoration - Tier 2: Gives you +3% Maximum Health, and you can attack allies to heal them for 6% of the attack damage per level.

Wreck - Tier 2: Grants +10% Fire Rate and +6% Damage with guns per level while there's an enemy Phaselocked.

Elated - Tier 3: You and your allies will regenerate 1% Health, per second, per level, while you have an enemy Phaselocked.

Recompense - Tier 3: When you take damage, there's a 10% chance to do an equal amount of damage to whoever hurt you.

Res - Tier 3: You can instantly revive an ally by Phaselocking them while they're down.

Sustenance - Tier 4: It's a straight up 0.4% per second, per level, Health Regen.

Life Tap - Tier 5: Kill Skill, killing an enemy will give you a 1.2% Life Steal per level for a short period of time.

Scorn - Tier 6: This is a Melee Override Skill, Melee attacks throw out an Orb of Slag that constantly damages enemies nearby. This skill has an 18 second cooldown.

Cataclysm - This skill tree is based on Elemental Attacks.

Flicker - Tier 1: Grants a +6% Elemental Effect Chance, per level.

Foresight - Tier 1: Gives your weapons +4% Magazine Size and +5% Reload Speed per Level.

Immolate - Tier 2: This skill adds 10% Damage, per level, as Fire Damage to shots fired when you're in Fight For Your Life.

Helios - Tier 2: When you Phaselock an enemy, it causes a Fire Explosion, damaging nearby enemies, gaining +1 Damage per level.

Chain Reaction - Tier 3: When you have an enemy Phaselocked, any bullet that hits enemies have an 8% chance, per level, to ricochet and hit another nearby enemy.

Backdraft - Tier 3: Your melee attacks now cause Fire Damage. Also, when your shields are drained, they cause a Fire Explosion, damaging nearby enemies. In order to explode again, your shields need to fully recharge.

Cloud Kill - Tier 3: Shooting an enemy generates an Acid Cloud, which deals Corrosive Damage over time. The cloud last for 5 seconds, and only one can be active at once.

Reaper - Tier 4: Lets you deal +8% more Gun Damage to enemies with over 50% Health remaining.

Blight Phoenix - Tier 5: Kill Skill, killing an enemy has you dealing constant Fire and Corrosive Damage to nearby enemies for a short time. The damage is based on your Level, and the level of Blight Phoenix.

Ruin - Tier 6: This will augment your Action Skill. Phaselocking now Slags, Corrodes and Electrocutes all the nearby enemies.

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Building A Better Siren

She's your go to crowd control character, so making use of Phaselock is important. Grabbing skills that augment the damage it does is a good option. I think that Ruin is probably the Tier 6 Skill of choice, coming from the Cataclysm tree, but I could see each Tier 6 Skill being really useful.

Converge, from the Motion tree, is another great choice, since it draws other enemies into your Phaselock. Quicken, from that same tree, also helps as it cools down Phaselock faster.

The Harmony tree really is most useful when you're playing with a full party, letting you play the role of Medic with Elated, Res, and Restoration. I think, much like Lilith from the Original Borderlands, Maya is at her best when you take advantage of her elemental prowess. Flicker is a must grab, I would take Helios over Immolate, Definitely get Cloud Kill, same with Backdraft. Finish up the Elemental Power with Blight Phoenix and Ruin, then grab a few Maliwan weapons to compliment your skills, and you'll be the MVVH (Most Valuable Vault Hunter) for the team.

Borderlands 2 Siren Guide -- Maya Learns To Play With Fire


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