Study: Violent Games Lead To Reckless Driving


Posted September 13, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

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Fans of violent games are more likely to be reckless drivers, according to a study published in the academic journal, Psychology of Popular Media Culture (my third favorite academic journal).

The research was conducted at Dartmouth College, and involved a series of phone interviews conducted by (presumably mad) scientists. They spoke to thousands of young people over a four year period, and asked them to assess whether video game playing preceded acts of reckless driving.

The researchers found a correlation between violent video game play and reckless driving. Basically, if you report playing violent games, you're more likely to report driving recklessly. According to the study, violent game players are more likely to admit wanting to drink and drive too.

It isn't just violent driving games that seem to relate to reckless real-life driving. Even people who played non-driving video games were more likely to act like butt-munches behind the wheel.

The authors of the study think that violent video games change a young player's self-perception, so that they see themselves as someone who does risky things.

Personally, I think the correlation is likely, but the causation is not. The kind of person who likes the adrenalin rush form a violent video game is the same kind of person who enjoys driving recklessly.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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Study: Violent Games Lead To Reckless Driving


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