Guild Wars 2 Guide -- Your Guide To Our Guides


Posted September 11, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

Guild Wars 2 -- The Other Big MMO Launching This Year

Our Guild Wars 2 guide of guides brings all of our GW2 content together in one neat place.

Do you have the power, the determination, and the skill it will take to reunite the disbanded members of Destiny’s Edge and face Zhaitan, the undead Elder Dragon in Guild Wars 2?

You’ll need every blade, ounce of raw magic power, and the knowledge it takes to stay ahead one-step ahead of the enemy. With our guides, you’ll be able to figure out which profession best fits your fighting style, get a handle on the lore of the land, and get some quick tips for anyone just stepping into the land of Tyria.

For anyone looking for a new profession or just to get a better handle on one of the best MMO’s to hit the PC this year, make sure that you check out all of our guides for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Beginner's Guide -- Setting The Stage And Picking Your Race - Don’t know the difference between a Charr and an Asura? Not quite sure if you should pick Norn as a thief? We walk you through all the races as well as the lore of the land.

Guild Wars 2 Beginner's Guide -- Exploring The World, Combat, And How To Survive - Get a taste of the battle system before you ever enter the world. Our guide gives you the lowdown on all the new mechanics Guild Wars 2 brings to the table.

Guild Wars 2 Beginner Tips -- Welcome To Tyria - We start you off with all the tips you need to get into the heat of the battle and on the right track. You can thank us later with some of that sweet loot you'll find in the land of Tyria.

Hit the jump to get ahead of the competition in Guild Wars 2. –Read More--

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Profession Guide -- Getting In Touch With Nature - Don't go in alone. Our Ranger guide shows you the pets you need as well as the traps that will keep you alive in the wilderness.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession Guide -- The Hero We Need - Sometimes support comes with a shield and an even bigger sword. The Guardian Guide shows you what you need to protect your friends and dish out some pain.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Profession Guide -- Build An Army Of The Dead - Who needs an army when you can raise your own? Our Necromancer Guide gives you the tools you need to put the fear in your foes.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Profession Guide -- The Illustrious Summoners - Dance. Sing. Bring on the pain. This army of artistians can take on the world with their illusions and cloudy clones. Find out how to control their powers with our guide.

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Guide -- Tyria's Splendid Spellcasters - When you have the powers of the world at your fingertips, life is good for an elementalist. Check out our guide to see what kind of spells you'll weave.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Profession Guide -- Tinker With Power - Taste the power of steampunk. Our Engineer Guide will put you through the paces as you set up turrets and shine up your glue gun.

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Guide -- The Masters Of Weaponry - It's time to go to war! Our Warrior Guide gets you ready to take on whatever comes your way with sharp swords and a banner at your side.

Guild Wars 2 Thief Profession Guide -- The Fine Art Of Sneaking And Stealing - The Thief Guide will help you sneak in with a deadly knife and a greedy hand. Why worry about what your enemies are wielding when you can simply steal it?

Guild Wars 2 Guide -- Your Guide To Our Guides


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