Mark Of The Ninja: A Nearly Perfect Stealth Game


Posted September 10, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Mark of the Ninja

Check out our Mark of the Ninja review. You need this game because ninjas are the hottest -- they are mammals who move silently, wear all black and flip out and kill people. Ninjas have Real, Ultimate Power, so they need very good video games to live up to their legacy of silent murder.  Thankfully, Mark of the Ninja, a 360-only game, is such a title.  Mark of the Ninja is a nearly perfect stealth game, although it might not be the game you are expecting.

Here's a little bit of our Mark of the Ninja review:

"The first thing you need to do is unhook yourself from the concept of an action-based ninja game. While you'll plunge plenty of swords into plenty of soft bits, you'll also receive equal or greater rewards for running through levels without alerting anyone or stopping any hearts. Whether you go the bloody or bloodless route, Mark of the Ninja rewards the careful, measured approach."

Check out the rest of our Mark of the Ninja review.

(By the way, they're not called "throwing stars." They're called "Shuriken," Ninja noob.)

Mark Of The Ninja: A Nearly Perfect Stealth Game


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