Nerdsourcing: Homestruck Adventure, Quarantine Z, Get Bit!, And PLAGUE

Posted September 10, 2012 - By Alex Rubens

Nerdsourcing finds you the best crowd sourcing projects from Kickstater, Indiegogo, and other such sites, and brings them straight to your wallet. Give, help spread the word, or just find out what’s going to be the hot new thing in the future; nerdsourcing is there to help support the dreamers out there looking to make the impossible a reality or those looking for the next big thing an edge on the competition. Time is limited to fund these projects so don’t wait to long.

Homestuck Adventure Game

Homestuck is a delightfully colorful internet comic that's being turned into a game. To fit with the comic’s fun and parodic theme, the game was designed extensively around parody of other classic game genres. Creating an adventure game based on the comic is no small task though, which makes the $700K goal seem adequate.

This isn’t going to be a direct adaptation of the comic though, despite being heavily based on the events of it. They like to consider it more of a spinoff than an adaptation of any kind. That way, the events of the world can tie into each other, but there isn’t any reliance on keeping the two worlds directly aligned with each other. They can go in different directions if need be. It’s a delightful idea that gamers are sure to enjoy.

Reward: You’ll need to drop a $15 pledge to secure a digital download of the game, which isn’t expected until 2014.

Quarantine Z: A Zombie Survival Card Game

Quarantine Z runs on a pretty basic premise. Non-infected survivors are stuck in a quarantined zombie zone and must escape before the zombies can get to them. While 2-4 players can be survivors, only one player is controlling the onslaught on zombies. Using some of the 150 cards included in the game, the survivors must escape the quarantine zone at any cost. They win the game if the zombie player runs out of playable cards, but lose if they perish.

It is a really neat back-and-forth between running from zombies or deciding to fight. It’s a unique blend of cooperative and competitive gameplay, as you’re working together with the other players to escape, but they might also just steal your supplies and leave you for dead. You’ll have to watch your back at every turn, and that works really well in the card game format.

Reward: For just $15, you’ll get a printed set of game cards to play with friends!

Get Bit! Deluxe Tin Box Set

After funding Get Bit! through Kickstarter in September of last year, raising nearly $14K of a $1.5K goal. That allowed them to create a version of the game to give to fans and it turned out beautifully. Get Bit! went on to sell thousands of copies and receive positive feedback from press and fans alike. With all that said and done, they decided that it’s time to release the ultimate version of Get Bit! through an enhanced version of the game in a tin box.

If you’re unfamiliar with Get Bit!, then you’re missing out on the best Shark/Robot card game. Yes, you read that right. It’s a simple card game that tasks players will placing a card face down and revealing them all at once, with people placing duplicates moving to the back of the line closer to the shark mouth. Whoever is at the back at the end of the turn gets bit by the shark and loses a limb. It only takes about 15 minutes for a six player round, so it’s quick and easy to explain.

Reward: For $18, you can get a copy of Get Bit!.


PLAGUE is a fast-paced strategic card game that takes the core of a trick taking game and mixes it with the basic elements of a rock-paper-scissors mechanic to make something extremely unique. It has a wonderful art-style that fits perfectly with the medieval theme set upon it.

Every card in the deck has the capability of trumping another card, bringing the common threat of someone else having a different color card and trumping yours that was so popular in Hearts. Each card has a numerical value and the person with the highest card value on the table wins the hand, but you also win points based on how low the numerical value is. This leads to a constant back-and-forth of players choosing whether they should shoot low to possibly win big or play it safe and use a higher card.

Reward: A $25 pledge will net you a boxed copy of the print game.

Nerdsourcing: Homestruck Adventure, Quarantine Z, Get Bit!, And PLAGUE


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