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Posted September 10, 2012 - By Dennis Scimeca

Weekly Wrap-Up: G4U Teaches You How To Get A Job In The Gaming Industry Edition

Even with as unconventional as the video game industry might be compared to other careers, the process of applications and cover letters and interviews is still likely in your future if you want a video game job, and the first part of that process is knowing where to look.

For this year’s list of video game companies that are currently hiring, we mostly chose companies that are hiring primarily in the United States. Chances are if you’re willing to move halfway around the globe for a job in the video game industry you probably have a pretty good idea where the jobs are without needing our list. You also want to get to know the North American hubs for game development, the cities and regions that have the highest concentrations of video game developers. It never hurts to know where you might have to move to if you manage to land your dream job, just so you’re ready to take advantage of the opportunity should it arise.

Even if the specific gig you’re looking for isn’t listed on the careers or hiring pages of these companies, if you see a lot of hires taking place that’s the best sign that a company is healthy and growing. The type of gig you’re looking for may not be there now, but these are the places worth checking back with until you see them hiring for the job of your dreams. We’ve identified the primary States and/or cities in Canada in which these companies are hiring for positions.

2K Games (California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington)

Activision (California)

Airtight Games (Washington)

Bioware (California, Texas, Virginia, also Edmonton and Montreal, Canada)

Blizzard Entertainment (California, Texas)

Capcom US (California)

Disney Interactive Media Group (California, Washington)

Electronic Arts (California, Florida, Texas)

Epic Games (North Carolina, Washington)

Firaxis Games (Maryland)

Harmonix (Massachusetts)

Irrational Games (Massachusetts)

Kabam (California)

Konami Digital Entertainment (California)

LucasArts (California)

Microsoft (Washington)

Nintendo (Washington)

Relic Entertainment (Vancouver, Canada)

Rockstar Games (California, Massachusetts, New York, also Toronto, Canada)

Sony Computer Entertainment America (California)

Sony Online Entertainment (California, Texas)

Square Enix North America (California)

Sucker Punch Productions (Washington)

Telltale Games (California)

Trion Worlds (California, Texas)

Ubisoft (California, also Montreal, Canada)

Vicarious Visions (New York)

Vigil Games (Texas)

Warner Bros. Entertainment Group (California, also Montreal, Canada)

ZeniMax Media Inc. (Maryland, Texas)

Apply Here For A Video Game Job -- G4 University


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