MOGA Preview -- The Controller That Lets You Easily Play Games On Your Android Phone Or Tablet


Posted September 6, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

MOGA: The Evolution Of Mobile Gaming Controllers

MOGA, the mobile gaming controller for Android phones from PowerA, is the next evolution of mobile gaming controllers. It snaps right on to any Android smartphone, giving you full control over the games you play. Playing games on your phone can be tons of fun, but we think most people would agree, when the game's UI takes up half the screen, it can be a little frustrating. That's exactly where MOGA comes in. We got the chance to give the device a whirl at PAX Prime 2012, and you can read on to see our thoughts.

MOGA is a full-featured ergonomic controller complete with dual analog sticks, a four-button layout, and triggers. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to feel really comfortable in any sized hands.

The way it works is through Bluetooth. You can snap any Android smartphone in to the device's flip-out arm and then connect to your MOGA game library using MOGA's Pivot App. You can attach any compatible device to the controller via Bluetooth too, including tablets and television sets. The Pivot App is just the way to manage your library of games that are MOGA compatible. You can even buy new games from the app.

MOGA: The Evolution Of Mobile Gaming Controllers

Once you're all hooked in, you're ready to play. The one concern we had before we started playing the racing game Final Freeway was that the $200 phone we had hooked in to MOGA was going to fall out if we moved around too much. The developers assured us that once your phone is clipped in there it isn't going to fall out. He let us shake it around as much as we wanted, and sure enough, it didn't budge an inch.

With those fears quelled we got ready to get our race on. The controls were impressive, especially the sensitivity on the joysticks. The smallest movement would only move our car just a little bit, but if we jerked the stick our car would fly off the road, just as it should have.

MOGA: The Evolution Of Mobile Gaming Controllers

If you love playing games on your Android phone, you've got to check out MOGA. The controller is looking to launch with compatible games from companies like GameLoft, Sega, Atari, and more, and PowerA hope to have at least 50 enhanced games in their Pivot App's library at release. If you're ready to get your screen real estate back, MOGA will be available this holiday season. Now we just have to wait for the iPhone version!

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MOGA Preview -- The Controller That Lets You Easily Play Games On Your Android Phone Or Tablet


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