Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend Ahead With Operation: Vigilance

Posted September 6, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

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Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend Ahead With Operation: Vigilance

BioWare has the latest N7 Bounty Weekend for Mass Effect 3 ready to deploy, and it'll run from September 7-9, 2012. Operation: Vigilance is all about preserving your resources. The squad goal calls for players to complete a Galaxy at War match "up to and including wave 10" -- which suggests that extraction, either full or partial, isn't required -- on any difficulty without using any consumables. That means no medi-gel, no ammo packs, no insta-heals, and no missile launchers.

Accomplish that feat with the group of your choosing and you'll earn yourself a Commendation Pack filled with goodies, to be delivered sometime next week. There's also an allied goal which calls for at least 250,000 successully completed escort missions over the course of the weekend. If the whole community manages to hit the number -- and based on past bounty weekends, we almost certainly will -- everyone will also receive a Victory Pack.  As usual, these goals apply to all platforms that Mass Effect 3 is available for, but you'll need to have an online connection and "submit gameplay feedback" set to "on" in the options menu.

My advice: get a group of four, play on the bronze difficulty, and avoid fighting Reapers. Geth Primes and Atlas mechs have nothing on those awful, awful Banshees. 

Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend Ahead With Operation: Vigilance


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