Portal 2 Alternate Storyline Revealed During Valve Panel at PAX 2012


Posted September 1, 2012 - By Jake Gaskill

Portal 2 Alternate Storyline Revealed During Valve Panel at PAX 2012

Remember at the end of Portal 2 when the companion cube get spat out at Chell’s feet in the middle of that generic cornfield? Well, until relatively late into development, that cube was going to be a turret…as in, married…to Chell. “What?!” you no doubt just said out loud to yourself, preferably around a bunch of strangers who are now looking at you with curious yet slightly terrified eyes. I know, crazy right?

During their PAX Prime 2012 panel, Valve writers Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw revealed that the team had developed an entire subplot where Chell did in fact get married to a turret. Remnants of this subplot can still be seen in the game, specifically in the name of the disproportionally larger turret you might have spotted in the game, which is “the Turret Wife.”

In this twisted alternate narrative universe, Chell would run into a pile of turrets in the deepest corners of Aperture Science who would task Chell with performing some task in the name of the Turret King (which also still remains, as you can see this turret colony in the final elevator ride to the surface at the end of Portal 2). These turrets were then going to marry you off as a result. After this happened, the Turret Wife would then follow you around the rest of the game, but in that super creepy way that Watson follows around Sherlock Holmes in that viral video that came out a while back.

So in the original ending, it was actually going to be the turret that was then spat out of Aperture Science along with Chell, not the companion cube. I always imagined Chell and the companion cube wandering into town would be an incredibly odd and hilarious scene, but Chell and her new Turret Wife? The mind reels with possibilities.

Portal 2 Alternate Storyline Revealed During Valve Panel at PAX 2012


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