Nerdsourcing: Fangamer Retrowear, Guts Of Glory, Dreadball, And Underground Kingdom

Posted September 3, 2012 - By Alex Rubens

Nerdsourcing finds you the best crowd sourcing projects from Kickstater, Indiegogo, and other such sites, and brings them straight to your wallet. Give, help spread the word, or just find out what’s going to be the hot new thing in the future; nerdsourcing is there to help support the dreamers out there looking to make the impossible a reality or those looking for the next big thing an edge on the competition. Time is limited to fund these projects so don’t wait to long.

Fangamer Retrowear

In one of the most well-made Kickstarter videos, Fangamer Retrowear breaks down the campaign to bring gaming shirts to gamers that don’t look like something you would be embarrassed to be seen in. They’re minimal designs that gamers will immediately notice, but others will just see as a cool shirt. It’s a project about creating something for the fans that looks and feels great, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Fangamer has been making these shirts for a while, but they’ve sold out of nearly every design that they’ve made. The Kickstarter campaign will allow them to make new designs, reprint old designs (and make them available in more sizes like ladies!), and continue to have new shirts available, without having to wait for pre-orders or customer interest. Each shirt is $22, no matter the size or the design.

Reward: You can choose any one of the cool t-shirt designs in any size for a $22 pledge.

Guts of Glory: The Boardgame!

From the creator of the highly praised Spelltower for iOS, Guts of Glory is a competitive card game set in the post-apocalypse. The goal is to be the greatest eater in the world – yes, seriously. You start the game with an empty mouth and a full plate of edible surprises. It isn’t all about stuffing as many food cards in your mouth as you can though, as you need to manage your time between chewing and swallowing as well.

If you happen to stuff your mouth too full of food, you’ll need to spew one of your cards over to an opponent, giving them the chance to be the best eater in the post-apocalyptic world because of your bad planning! It’s a really interesting back-and-forth that seems to work really well.

Reward: For $25, you can snag a copy of the board game, a Print & Play download, and an official Guts button.

DreadBall - The Futuristic Sports Game

DreadBall uses a hex-grid board to create a fast and tactical miniature sports board game. Two teams battle it out with teams of beautiful miniatures that carry out plays and attacks while relying solely on your dice rolls. The miniatures truly are beautiful, radiating their futuristic sci-fi setting in a clean, hyper-realistic version of the future.

Each team comes with ten plastic miniatures (20 total + one RefBot), two plastic balls, 54 cards, and 13 counter attacks. There’s different dice depending on the situation and player at hand, and even support for league systems to set up larger games between friends.

Reward: $80 will net you a copy of DreadBall, a print of the cover art, and a digital copy of the rules.

Underground Kingdom: Gamebook for iPad/iPhone

If you remember the good old days of Choose Your Own Adventure Books, then you’ll feel right at home with Underground Kingdom. Visual Baker loved the idea of these books, so they got in touch with Edward Packard (the original creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure concept) and worked with him to license out some of his original titles, most notably Underground Kingdom, to be brought to iOS.

They won’t just be simple ports either; the book will be full of interactive illustrations and animations in a beautiful art-style that does wonders to creating an environment that the player can become fully immersed in. There’s even an interactive map that guides you through the book and tracks your progress. Now that the books are available on web-enabled devices, you’ll be able to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter about which one of the 21 different endings you got. That’s pretty neat.

Reward: For just a $5 pledge, you’ll get the completed app and your name on the thank you page of the website.

Nerdsourcing: Fangamer Retrowear, Guts Of Glory, Dreadball, And Underground Kingdom


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