Guild Wars 2 Engineer Profession Guide -- Tinker With Power


Posted August 30, 2012 - By Sophie Prell

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Profession Guide -- Tinker With Power

We've put together this Guild Wars 2 Engineer profession guide to get you up to speed on the most mechanically inclined class coming to ArenaNet's massively multiplayer role playing game. This handy guide gives you all the most important info about the Engineer from Guild Wars 2 at a glance.

You Should Play An Engineer If: If you want to play a tinkerer and long-range damage dealer, the Engineer is your profession. Engineers wear medium armor so they're hardier than other professions, and the random properties of their elixirs make for an interesting time in combat. Plus, Engineers are the ones who get flamethrowers and turrets! Pew pew!

Read on for the rest of our in-depth Guild Wars 2 Engineer guide.

How You Play An Engineer: Engineers use a variety of tools and kits to deal damage, and they can do so either directly or by inflicting conditions. Engineers can equip pistols, rifles, and shields, but they can't have a second weapon set equipped like other professions. The Engineer's weapons of war boil down to turrets, firearms, and elixirs, and you'll want to learn to use all of them to your advantage. You'll also get a tool belt, which changes utility abilities based on your equipped skills.

For example, your Engineer will start with Elixir H as a skill assigned to the 6 key. Your tool belt allows you to use “Toss Elixir H,” thus imbuing your allies with the effects of Elixir H as opposed to just yourself.

Kits modify your weapons and play to specific strengths and weaknesses of your chosen gear. The Elixir Gun for example doesn't deal much damage directly, but can be used to place tons of conditions on your enemies. Instead of trying to equip and use all of the kits, pick one that suits you and practice. Or pick none and focus on the use of turrets and elixirs! All are viable.

If you're of the PvP sort, learn to love the turret. Place these around a capture point and equip a shield in your off-hand to become a real pain in the butt to your enemies. This is a fast and easy way to level up, since Guild Wars 2 allows for you to gain experience through PvP.

Guild Wars 2

Engineer Equipment: Engineers come equipped in medium armor and only a handful of useable weapons. Normally, a profession gains the ability to equip a second weapon set they can switch to. Engineers don't. Remember though that weapon kits and elixirs will also aid your Engineer in battle, so don't get down about the low number amount of useable gear.

In their main hand, Engineers can use a pistol, and in their off-hand they can carry a second pistol or shield. Additionally, Engineers can also equip a two-handed rifle. With each weapon that an Engineer equips, his skills change based on that weapon. There is no right or wrong weapon to use, so pick something that feels good and suits the way you play.

Engineer Traits: At level 11, and every level after, your character earns a Trait Point that can be spent to enhance their attributes. Each point that you spend will increase two primary or secondary attributes, and every five points unlocks either a Minor or Major trait. An Engineer's traits are divided in to Explosives, Firearms, Inventions, Alchemy, and Tools.


  • +10 Power per point spent
  • +1% Expertise per point spent
  • Improves – General damage, Bombs, and Grenades


  • +10 Precision per point spent
  • +1% Malice per point spent
  • Improves – General condition damage, Pistols, and Rifles


  • +10 Toughness per point spent
  • +10 Compassion per point spent
  • Improves – Turrets, healing skills, and shield use


  • +10 Vitality per point spent
  • +1% Concentration per point spent
  • Improves - Longbow and Warhorn skills, Shouts, Banners


  • +10 Prowess per point spent
  • +1% Ingenuity per point spent
  • Improves – Tool belt skills, standard abilities, and some kits.

Guild Wars 2

What do you think of the Engineer in Guild Wars 2 so far? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us how you've set up your Engineer's weapons, skills, and traits. Also, be sure to check out our other Guild Wars 2 guides, including our Guild Wars 2 Warrior guide, the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide, our Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide and our Guild Wars 2 Beginners Tips, and stay tuned for more Guild Wars 2 guides.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Profession Guide -- Tinker With Power


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