Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Guide -- Tyria's Splendid Spellcasters


Posted August 29, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Guide -- Tyria's Splendid Spellcasters

We've put together this Guild Wars 2 Elementalist guide to get you up to speed on the most magical Profession in ArenaNet's massively multiplayer role playing game. This handy guide gives you all the most important info about the Elementalist from Guild Wars 2 at a glance.

You Should Play An Elementalist If: If you want to assume the role of a mighty wizard, casting all sorts of spells to decimate your enemies and protect your allies, the Elementalist is for you. Instead of weapon swapping, Elementalists can change their elemental attunement at will, focusing on raw fire damage one second and switching to a more defensive, water based attunement the next. They're described as a jack-of-all trades, and are perfect for anyone who loves caster classes.

Read on for the rest of our in-depth Guild Wars 2 Elementalist guide.

How You Play An Elementalist: Unlike other professions who can swap weapons in combat, Elementalists focus on switching between four different elements at will depending on the situation they're in. The elements are fire (raw damage), water (healing and support), air (spike damage and movement), and earth (defense and support).

Don't think this means that when an Elementalist swaps weapons that their skills don't change though. We'll get more in to details on Elementalist weapons later, but the basic idea is that while all of the other professions can have two weapons sets equipped and can switch between them in combat, Elementalists skills are based on the weapon and which attunement the Elementalist is in. They can only change attunement during combat. There is no right or wrong combination of weapons or attunements to use, it's all up to personal playstyle.

In addition to swapping attunements, Elementalists can also make use of Glyphs, Conjure skills, Arcane skills, Auras, and Cantrips.

  • Glyphs are skills that generally enhance the player by providing passive buffs to the element that the Elementalist is attuned to. Glyphs are also used to summon elementals based on attunement.
  • Conjure skills are what Elementalists use to summon items and weapons that both the Elementalists and their allies can use. Each weapon that an Elementalist conjures has its own skill bar.
  • Arcane skills are instant cast spells that use non-elemental magical energy. They all deal critical damage, except for Arcane Shield which blocks enemy attacks and explodes after it has taken three hits.
  • Auras are magical shields that surround the Elementalist. Each aura envelops the Elementalist and if an enemy hits it, then they'll be afflicted with some sort of status debuff. 
  • Cantrips provide Elementalists with a bit more survivability. They're all instant cast abilities that break the Elementalist out of stun in addition to other effects that will help an Elementalist last longer on the battlefield.

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Elementalist Equipment:
Elementalists come equipped in light armor and since they can swap between elemental attunements at will, they don't get access to many weapons. In total, Elementalists can equip five weapons, but if you count attunements they have 20 different "weapon sets." In their main hand Elementalists can use a scepter, dagger, or staff, while in their off-hand they can equip a dagger or a focus.

The main thing to consider when equipping an Elementalist is what kind of role they'll be fulfilling. If there's going to be need for lots of area of effect damage that hits lots of enemies, a staff would be the wise choice. For single target damage, daggers do the trick perfectly. Again, there is no right or wrong combination of weapons to use, it's all up to personal playstyle and each individual situation.

Elementalist Traits: At level 11, and every level after, each character earns a Trait Point that can be spent to enhance their attributes. Each point that you spend will increase two primary or secondary attributes, and every 5 points unlocks either a Minor or Major trait. An Elementalist's traits are divided in to Fire Magic, Earth Magic, Air Magic, Water Magic, and Arcana.

Fire Magic

  • +10 Power per point spent
  • +1% Expertise per point spent
  • Improves - fire element, grants might, burning

Earth Magic

  • +10 Toughness per point spent
  • +10 Malice per point spent
  • Improves - earth element, toughness, signets, protection

Air Magic

  • +10 Precision per point spent
  • +1% Prowess
  • Improves - air element, critical hit, swiftness

Water Magic

  • +10 Vitality per point spent
  • +10 Compassion per point spent
  • Improves - water element, regeneration, condition removal


  • +1 Concentration per point spent
  • +2 Intelligence per point spent
  • Improves - all elements, AoE attacks, attunements

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Guide -- Tyria's Splendid Spellcasters

What do you think of the Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 so far? It's my main profession and I'm having an absolute blast with it. I've spent all my trait points in fire and generally use a scepter/dagger spec. Let us know in the comments below how you've set up your Elementalist's weapons, skills, and traits. Also, be sure to check out our other Guild Wars 2 guides, including our Guild Wars 2 Warrior guide, the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Engineer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide, our Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide and our Guild Wars 2 Beginners Tips, and stay tuned for more Guild Wars 2 guides.

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Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Profession Guide -- Tyria's Splendid Spellcasters


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