Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Guide -- The Masters Of Weaponry


Posted August 28, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Guide -- The Masters Of Weaponry

We've put together this Guild Wars 2 Warrior profession guide to get you up to speed on the most furious class coming to ArenaNet's massively multiplayer role playing game. This handy guide gives you all the most important info about the Warrior from Guild Wars 2 at a glance.

You Should Play A Warrior If: If you want to play an extremely versatile character who can charge in to any situation one minute, but stand back with a sword and shield the next,  the Warrior might be for you. Warriors can wield a large variety of weapons and assume different roles in combat based on what they've got equipped. They're perfect for solo gamers thanks to their great survivability and mobility.

Read on for the rest of our in-depth Guild Wars 2 Warrior guide.

How You Play A Warrior: Warriors use a mechanic called Adrenaline to unleash their most powerful attacks. Each weapon has a special adrenaline burst attack associated with it and as Warriors fight enemies they build up adrenaline in three stages of power. The amount of adrenaline that's built up determines how devastating the adrenaline burst skill will be when used.

Here's a complete list of adrenaline skills and their corresponding weapon set:

F1 Skill Description
Axe Eviscerate     

Leap at your foe with a devastating attack. Effect increases with your adrenaline level.
Greatsword Arcing Slice Strike your foe with an uppercut that grants Fury.
Hammer Earthshaker Jump to the targeted location and slam your hammer down, damaging and stunning foes.
Harpoon Gun Forceful Shot Fire a forceful shot. Damage increases with adrenaline level.
Longbow Combustive Shot Ignite target area, Burning nearby foes. Effect increases with adrenaline level.
Mace Skull Crack Stun your foe with a skull crack. Effect increases with adrenaline level.
Rifle Kill Shot Fire a powerful shot. Damage increases with adrenaline level.
Spear Whirling Strike Strike all foes around you. Effect increases with adrenaline level.
Sword Flurry Immobilize your foes with a flurry of strikes. Effect increases with adrenaline level.

In addition to adrenaline, Warriors can also make use of Physical skills, Banners, and Stances.

  • Physical Skills are skills that involve controlling your enemies while also dealing damage. An example of a Physical skill is Bull's Charge, which forces you to charge your foe and knock down any foes that are fleeing.
  • Banners are environmental weapons that apply buffs to allies in an area. There are five  total, and anyone can replant them in a different location as a battles progress. An example of a banner is the Banner of Strength, which improves power and malice for the warrior and nearby allies.
  • Stances are situational skills that grant temporary bonuses to the warrior. There are only four, but they all offer great utility. An example of a stance is Berserker Stance, in which the Warrior gains extra adrenaline for a short time. 

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Guide -- The Masters Of Weaponry

Warrior Equipment:
Warriors come equipped in heavy armor and access to more weapon combinations than any other profession in Guild Wars 2. In total, Warriors have 19 possible weapon combinations! At level 7 Warriors can equip two unique sets of weapons that can be swapped at any time by pressing the [`] key. In their main hand, Warriors can use an axe, mace, or sword, while in their off-hand they can equip an axe, mace, shield, sword, or warhorn. Additionally, Warriors can equip two-handed weapons including a hammer, greatsword, longbow, or rifle.

With each weapon that a Warrior equips, his skills change based on that weapon. There is no right or wrong combination of weapons to use, it's all up to personal playstyle.

Warrior Traits: At level 11, and every level after, each character earns a Trait Point that can be spent to enhance their attributes. Each point that you spend will increase two primary or secondary attributes, and every five points unlocks either a Minor or Major trait. A Warrior's traits are divided in to Strength, Arms, Defense, Tactics, and Discipline.


  • +10 Power per point spent
  • +1% Condition Duration per point spent
  • Improves - Banners (minor), Greatsword and Spear, dual wield damage


  • +10 Precision per point spent
  • +10 Condition Damage per point spent
  • Improves - Greatsword, Spear, and Harpoon Gun, Bleeding damage and duration


  • +10 Toughness per point spent
  • +10 Healing Power per point spent
  • Improves - Hammer and Mace skills, survivability


  • +10 Vitality per point spent
  • +1% Boon Duration per point spent
  • Improves - Longbow and Warhorn skills, Shouts, Banners


  • +1% Critical Damage per point spent
  • +1% Burst Skill Damage
  • Improves - Adrenaline skills (burst damage), weapon swaps, Signets, adrenaline gain

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Guide -- The Masters Of Weaponry

What do you think of the Warrior in Guild Wars 2 so far? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us how you've set up your Warrior's weapons, skills, and traits. Also, be sure to check out our other Guild Wars 2 guides, including our Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Engineer Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide, the Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide, our Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide and our Guild Wars 2 Beginners Tips, and stay tuned for more Guild Wars 2 guides.

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Guild Wars 2 Warrior Profession Guide -- The Masters Of Weaponry


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