Rock Band Blitz: Rock And Roll All Night And Part Of Every Day


Posted August 27, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Rock Band Blitz

The age of living rooms full of plastic video game instruments has ended, but that doesn't mean Rock Band is dead. The franchise lives on through an awesome downloadable game called Rock Band Blitz. Miguel "Rock And/Or Roll" Concepcion has been playing the game, and finds it to his liking.

Here's an excerpt from our Rock Band Blitz review:

"The gameplay has as much in common with the console Rock Band titles as much as it does with the portable Rock Band Unplugged and Harmonix's earlier efforts, Amplitude and Frequency. You hit notes like in any Rock Band game but since this is a single player game, you cannot merely focus on playing the most challenging instrument to score well. A multiplier is assigned to each instrument and increasing these multipliers depends on tending to all the respective song's instruments."

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Rock Band Blitz: Rock And Roll All Night And Part Of Every Day