Guild Wars 2 Player Achieves First Level 80 Through Crafting


Posted August 27, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

Guild Wars 2 Player Reaches Level 80 Character Through Crafting

The first level 80 character in Guild Wars 2 has been confirmed. Before the MMO even hit global launch, French player Surfeuze, member of the guild War Legend, hit the max level mostly by crafting with materials donated by his guildmates. Usually world firsts like this go to players who grind out experience via quests, so to see someone progress through Guild Wars 2 so quickly in an alternate way is interesting.

However, even though Surfeuze raced to 80, the Charr Elementalist can't exactly go stomp lower level content like in other MMOs. Guild Wars 2 scales players to the appropriate level for content, so he'll have to play through it just like everyone else, albeit with better abilities to use in the process. He'll also need to earn all the reputation points to purchase items as well.

All things considered, it's still impressive that a character managed to finagle the system in order to achieve the max level first. As for other players hoping to level up using the same method, ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien spoke on Reddit saying that this person's level 80 achievement was done by "unusual ways to level very fast" and that ArenaNet is, "fixing these issues as I type."

Even though Surfeuze has put all of our leveling efforts to shame, I still want to know what level you've managed to reach so far. Did you level via PvP, crafting, or did you go the traditional route and level through quests and exploration?

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Guild Wars 2 Player Achieves First Level 80 Through Crafting


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