Darksiders 2 Side Quest Guide -- How To Get Through The Soul Arbiter Maze


Posted August 27, 2012 - By Sophie Prell

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 is about a bajillion times larger than its predecessor, and that's a good thing. But that also means side quests. And while every side quest is a reward in its own right, some can be downright tedious or difficult. That's why we've come up with this handy Darksiders 2 side quest guide, to point you in the right direction. Today we're going to conquer the Soul Arbiter's Maze! If you learn how to complete the Soul Arbiter's Maze, you'll kill two birds with one stone, because doing so completes the Chancellor's side quest, “The Chancellor's Quarry.”

Normally, the Soul Arbiter's Maze can only be solved by collecting all of the Soul Arbiter's Scrolls. Death would normally use these to give him directions for each of the Maze's levels, as the place is essentially a gauntlet of rooms full of enemies. If you'd rather just skip to the good part and cheat, Darksiders 2 will let you. We've got all the info you need on how to navigate the Soul Arbiter's Maze, as well as locations for all hidden items in the Maze.

Read on to find out how to beat the Soul Arbiter at his own game!

There are ten “floors” to the Soul Arbiter's Maze. You need to head north, east, south, or west in each one to progress. Choose the wrong door and you'll have to repeat the section over and over. Choose the right doors and you'll progress through. You'll have plenty of enemies to fight and they get progressively more difficult, so make sure you're well stocked before taking this on. Check out the list below for which directions to take in the Soul Arbiter's Maze.

Secret Treasure Directions:

1. South, east.

2. North, north.

3. North, south, east.

4. West, east, north.

5. West, north, south.

6. East, east, east, south.

7. South, south, west, north, north.

8. North, south, south, east, north.

9. South, west, east, east, north.

10. North, south, east, west.

Maze Progress Directions:

1. North, west.

2. East, south, north.

3. West, east, north, north.

4. East, west, north, south.

5. West, west, north, east.

6. South, east, east, north, north.

7. South, west, east, east, east.

8. North, west, north, west, east.

9. East, north, east, north, south.

10. West, east, north, south, west.

There is also a stonebite, which you'll need to collect for Blackroot's side quest, “Sticks and Stones.” If you're working on that quest, be sure to check out our guide for the locations of all stonebites in Darksiders 2.

Darksiders 2 Side Quest Guide -- Taking On The Soul Arbiter Maze

Once you come to the end of the maze, you'll face down the Soul Arbiter himself. Here's how you beat him:

First, remember the Darksiders 2 rule of dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. The Soul Arbiter is fast, and his weapon can do a lot of damage. You don't want to get caught by that if you don't have to. Make sure you have Deathgrip equipped, as well as plenty of potions in stock. I'd suggest mapping Unstoppable to one of your skills as well, since you only get the chance to hit the Soul Arbiter a few times before he retaliates.

Watch and try to learn the Soul Arbiter's patterns. He has a big AoE attack that comes after a short moment of hovering. In melee, he tends to swing twice, after which there is a brief pause. Use Deathgrip to fling Death over to the Soul Arbiter, and give him a good whack with a slow, heavy weapon that's likely to stun him. The Soul Arbiter may get stunned or may not. If he does, switch to scythe combos so you can get in a couple more quick hits. If he doesn't, back off and wait for your next chance.

Every time the Soul Arbiter loses a quarter of his health, he'll summon a protective barrier and some minions to aid him in battle. He won't engage in battle the first two times he does this, so feel free to focus entirely on the adds. Use your Wrath abilities to regain health if you're taking damage. The third time however, the Soul Arbiter summons his Undead General. This time, with his shield up, the Soul Arbiter will continue his attacks. You can't damage the Soul Arbiter like this, so work the Undead General as best you can while avoiding the Soul Arbiter. Teleport Slash can come in handy with this.

The Soul Arbiter becomes a whirlwind of fury as his health reaches below 25 percent, so be aggressive and if you've got Reaper Form, feel free to unleash it. Eventually, Death will knock away the Soul Arbiter's weapon and stand over him before delivering the killing blow. There is a route downstairs from here, so make sure to check it out and claim the chest from this chamber.

For your troubles, you'll by now have acquired tons of XP and Gilt, as well as two unique weapons. From the fifth floor's treasure vault you'll get the Black Demise, a pair of scythes that deal 131-151 damage, give a healing bonus of 50, and can steal 10 percent health. From defeating the Soul Arbiter you'll get the Executioner's Hooks, a fast type secondary weapon that deals 120-136 damage, and for each successful hit, build damage bonuses.

Lastly, head to the Chancellor at the Eternal Throne to complete “The Chancellor's Quarry.” Congratulations!

Darksiders 2 Side Quest Guide -- How To Get Through The Soul Arbiter Maze


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