Deadpool Preview: Our First Look At This Loony Action Game


Posted August 24, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson


Fan favorite comic book character Deadpool is finally getting his own, full fledged game, Deadpool, developed by High Moon Studios. Fans of Deadpool the character should be reassured by this over-the-top action's game's adherence to the source material. Deadpool is good.

Rob "Rock and Roll" Manuel checked the game out at Gamescom 2012. Here's a little bit of his Deadpool preview.

"Even during the craziest of fights, quips and one-liners practically fill every moment between the bullet casings hitting the floor and the ensuing explosions rocking the building. Deadpool still finds time between every squeeze of the trigger to argue with himself about anything and everything going on in the scene. If a new enemy appears with a shiny new gun, he won’t stop talking about it with his multiple personalities until he gets to fire off that new toy for himself."

Read the rest of our Deadpool preview.

Deadpool Preview: Our First Look At This Loony Action Game