Darksiders 2 Side Quest Guide -- Take On The Four Hidden Bosses


Posted August 23, 2012 - By Sophie Prell

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 is about a bajillion times larger than its predecessor, and that's a good thing. But that also means side quests. And while every side quest is a reward in its own right, some can be downright tedious or difficult. That's why we've come up with this handy Darksiders 2 side quest guide, to point you in the right direction. Today we're looking at the four hidden bosses in Darksiders 2 which are unlocked after completing “The Maker Warrior.”

In the Forge Lands stands a big and broad-shouldered warrior named Thane. Talk to him, and he'll challenge you to a duel. Win, and you'll open the four side quests associated with each of Darksiders 2's hidden bosses. Each of these bosses drops unique loot, and it can be darn helpful! Read on to find out the locations of all Darksiders 2 hidden bosses and how to beat them!

Darksiders 2 Boss Guide -- Take On The Four Hidden Bosses

Find and Kill Gorewood:

Thane's first request is that you kill the creature known as Gorewood. He waits at the bottom of The Weeping Crag, the very first dungeon Death comes across. You probably noticed this location early in the game, though you can't access it. Once you have Deathgrip however, feel free to plunder its depths. Make your way through the dungeon normally, until you come to a submerged staircase. Dive into the water and locate the hidden passage that leads to Gorewood's lair.

Gorewood is the easiest of the four optional bosses, but he packs a mighty punch. You'll want to be something around 10th level before you take this beast on. As Gorewood moves about, he'll summon roots that spring from the earth beneath you. Constantly strafe and dodge to evade these, because if they grab you, you'll be easy prey for Gorewood. And even though Gorewood's attacks are slow and predictable, they hurt a lot. There's really not much else to say about good ol' Gorewood, so just whittle him down and claim as your prize the Gorweood Maul, a slow but powerful secondary weapon!

Darksiders 2 Boss Guide -- Take On The Four Hidden Bosses

Find and Kill Bheithir

Head back to a dungeon in the Forge Lands called The Nook. Like The Weeping Crag, there is a section of this dungeon that is restricted until Death can utilize the Deathgrip ability. From the lower courtyard, head towards one of the two entrances that descend into the basement. Here, you'll notice Bheither flying around the central column of a lava pit. Look for a Deathgrip handhold and swing over to a small platform, where Bheithir will land and attack.

Bheithir herself isn't much trouble; it's the level that's your biggest enemy in this fight. You'll be taking Bheithir on atop a crumbling bridge, and the giant phoenix takes up the whole area. She'll use a lot of AoE attacks like fire breath and a charge that all but blocks Death's access to his flank, where you want to be. If you've chosen the Necromancy tree, use pawns to distract Bheithir while you move to her rear and deal damage. If you've chosen Harbinger – which I'd suggest over Necromancer – then use Teleport Slash to cut right through the beast and get to her backside.

The benefits to Harbinger and Teleport Slash are that, with Teleport Slash, Death goes straight through Bheithir, so no worries about getting pushed off the bridge. Using Teleport Slash can also grant you health. That's definitely a plus, as I guarantee you will be taking damage in this fight, and plenty of it, no matter how good you are. When Bheithir is looking weak, finish her off with Reaper Form.

Note: There are two handicaps you can use to your advantage. If you're running low on health or just need a breather, you can always Deathgrip back off the bridge. This fight doesn't need to be done all at once. Also, shoot that firearm of yours! Shoot, shoot, shoot, because for some reason, you can actually knock Bheithir “off” the bridge with that peashooter, and that's an instant kill. However you take her down, you'll get Bheithir's Talons, a nice pair of fiery scythes, for your trouble.

Darksiders 2 Side Quest Guide -- Take On The Four Hidden Bosses

Find and Kill Achidna

Maybe you've already seen our video walkthrough on how to defeat Achidna. She is the only mandatory battle of Thane's most-wanted, and you'll find her at the end of the Psychameron, where you'll also battle one of the Bone Lord's lieutenants, Basileus.

Be careful about using your Reaper Form or your other most powerful abilities as you fight Basileus. You can't take this foe down in one fell swoop, and the boss fight's phases have to be focused on one at a time. Leap when Achidna strikes the ground, and dodge roll to the side when it lunges forward. Make your strikes quick and clean, and don't get caught staying too close for too long.

Death will pull Basileus from Achidna's back and fight the Dead Lord one-on-one again, and if you've been saving Reaper Form, now's the time to use it. Otherwise, don't worry about using combos on Basileus and instead focus on abilities like Teleport Slash. When Basileus summons Achidna back, go all-out offensive and take her down. Sip a health potion or two if you need to. You'll get the nifty, speedy secondary weapon, Achidna's Fangs for your trouble.

Darksiders 2 Boss Guide -- Take On The Four Hidden Bosses

Find and Kill the Deposed King

The Deposed King is the most powerful of the optional bosses, though Death can stumble across him even earlier than he'll find Achidna. Argul, as he is otherwise known, is a frozen tyrant with tons of stopping power and defense, not to mention reach. He resides at the bottom of – where else? – the Lair of the Deposed King. You can find this place shortly after riding forth from the Tree of the Dead, just off to the side of your main objective.

I cannot recommend the Harbinger talent tree and Teleport Slash highly enough for this battle. Try to have enough in Death's power reserves that he can use it three times in a row, make sure you've leveled the ability that grants it fire damage over time, and equip the most damaging secondary weapon you have. I'd suggest going for a slow secondary weapon as opposed to a fast one, as the rhythm of attack is going to be very important if you want to topple the king sooner as opposed to later. Argul is, after all, suggested for level 20 and higher, but I took him down with naught but patience and a bag of Sun Chips at level 11.

Argul starts with three main attacks. All of these are incredibly damaging, but one stands above the others. With this attack, Argul leans back and lunges forward with his mace, bringing it straight down. Not only does this attack do massive damage by itself, but you'll have to furiously tap the action button to break free of the ice Argul snares you in. Thankfully, this attack is also Argul's weakness. When the mace crashes down, it gets stuck. That's your chance to deal as much damage as you can.

Argul's other attacks are a two-step advance while swinging his mace, and a shield rush forward. Speaking of that shield: Argul is very good at blocking your attacks. Don't even try until his mace gets stuck in the ground from using his biggest attack. When that happens though, use Teleport Slash to get behind the big guy and use your secondary weapon combo first before getting a couple more hits in with your scythes.

If you're feeling ballsy or find yourself getting hit by Argul's big attack, use Teleport Slash when he starts the animation for the attack. You'll end up behind him, with plenty of time to chip away at his health. If you can, use Teleport Slash three times in a row to deal the most damage and still have time to hit him directly from behind. When Argul pulls his mace up, dodge roll back, and fire your pistol from a distance to refill Wrath.

Once Argul is at half health, he'll gain a new attack in which he begins to spin around the room. Let go of the aiming trigger and dodge three times as fast as you can in the opposite direction of Argul, whichever way has the most room. Dodge three times and re-lock onto Argul so you can dodge his attacks, and repeat the process until you take him down. For this Goliath-sized accomplishment, you'll receive the Scepter of the Deposed King.

Darksiders 2 Side Quest Guide -- Take On The Four Hidden Bosses


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