Molyneux Can't Call His Next Game Curiosity "Because Of NASA"


Posted August 23, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Molyneux Can't Call His Next Game Curiosity

According to his twitter feed, developer Peter Molyneux can't call his game/project "Curiosity" because of NASA. Molyneux's twitter post reads:

"Humm there is a problem the the name curiosity, we can't use it because of NASA. I wonder what one word would sum up curiosity:the cube."

It's not a case of the space agency coming down on Molyneux's company, 22 Cans, and demanding a name change, though. The actual explanation is much more mundane. According to Molyneux:

"The name change is prompted by the need to have something simple to search for in Google. This worked well for 'Curiosity' but since NASA: Curiosity is now obviously generating a lot of interest we need to change the name."

Regardless of the reason, twitter is on the name-change case, with followers of Molyneux tweeting suggestions like "Cubiosity," "Pandora," and "Intrique."

The Game Formerly Known As "Curiosity" is set to come out in September.

Source: MoDoJo

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Molyneux Can't Call His Next Game Curiosity "Because Of NASA"


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