Darksiders 2 Guide -- Book Of The Dead Pages Locations


Posted August 21, 2012 - By Sophie Prell

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Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 is about a bajillion times larger than its predecessor, and that's a good thing. But that also means side quests. And while every Darksiders 2 side quest is a reward in its own right, some can be downright tedious or difficult. That's why we've come up with this handy Darksiders 2 side quest guide, to point you in the right direction. Today we'll be giving you the locations of all 40 Book of the Dead Pages for Vulgrim's side quest, “The Book of the Dead.”

Vulgrim is searching for the pages you see, and every 10 collected and returned to the lich merchant will reward Death with access to a Death Tomb. There are four Death Tombs in total in Darksiders 2, each one containing unique loot and plenty of treasure. Want to know where all 40 pages are in Darksiders 2? Keep reading!

Forge Lands Page Locations:

1) In the Forge Lands, there is an outdoor area called Stonefather's Vale. The page waits in the open, in the northwest corner.

2) Again hidden in the overworld of the Forge Lands, this page hides behind a statue on the eastern ruins of Baneswood.

3) In the dungeon known as the Cauldron, the page waits hidden in the nook that houses the second orb Death happens across.

4) Also located within the Cauldron, this page is hidden among debris that clutters up the northwest edge of the balcony where Death restores the flow of lava to the mountain. Smash!

5) Drop, shimmy, and wall run along the north wall of the large outdoor area in the Drenchfort where Death restores water flow.

6) Flood the west tear duct of the Drenchfort and take a swim to reach this page, hidden in the broken duct in the north section of the room.

7) In the Shattered Forge, two areas become an ambush for Death. In the room where a Construct Sentinel attacks Death, the northeast corner's debris hides a precious page.

8) In the Lost Temple, where Death must correctly position two custodian constructs around three orb slots, the page waits behind a closed gate. Solve the puzzle and backtrack to claim it!

9) Two areas after the first page in the Lost Temple, simply cross the high beams to reach this page.

10) In the area just outside of where Death obtains the Deathgrip ability in the Foundry, drop down to a small pit and use the Horseman's new ability to slingshot up to a ledge. Follow the secret corridor to the page!

11) Instead of simply following the submerged staircase in the Weeping Crag dungeon, wall run and jump between its narrow walls to reach a high ledge with a page from the book.

12) Return to the Nook's lower courtyard after obtaining Deathgrip and use this ability to reach a previously unobtainable page.

13) Head back to the Fjord of the Forge Lands overworld and use Soul Splitter to activate two pressure plates simultaneously, thus opening the way to the page.

14) Before heading to Earth as part of the main quest, head to the Scar. After escaping the rising lava, progress normally to the skeleton key location. Once you've grabbed it, wall run along the west edge and shimmy along to grab this page.

15) Near where Vulgrim waits at the Fjord, there are two portal locations. Create them and send a bomb through to destroy Corruption crystals, thus opening your way to the page.

Kingdom of the Dead Page Locations:

1) Travel to the Spine of the overworld map of the Kingdom of the Dead, then head to the stone bridge's eastern platform to grab this page.

2) In the Gilded Arena, near the merchant Ostegoth, a page from the Book of the Dead lies waiting on a pier. Easy grab.

3) In the west wing of the Gilded Arena, rotate the lantern statue to the west to raise a bridge that leads to the next page.

4) Behind a statue in the Hall of Worship in Phariseer's Tomb, this page is another easy on to get.

5) Extend the lower bridge in the Pillar Pit in Phariseer's Tomb and use Deathgrip to climb the western wall. The page waits at the end of handholds and ledge shimmies.

6) In the east wing of Judicator's Tomb, complete the room normally and after Deathgripping over to Phraiseer, follow a north passage that leads to the page.

7) Deep in Judicator's Tomb is a massive tower. There is a rest spot halfway up, near a broken staircase, where the page sits. Use Deathgrip to pull the page to you.

8) Climb the stairs just a few rooms past the east tower of Judicator's Tomb and discover this page waiting on the southern edge of the balcony.

9) In Champion Square of the City of the Dead, the page is easily found waiting in the southeast corner.

10) There is a rotating bridge in the City of the Dead, and to the right of the control crank, on a southern balcony, lays the page.

11) Place a free lantern on the empty statue in the fourth area of the City of the Dead and spin it so that it faces south. The page waits at the end of the passage.

12) The last of the City of the Dead pages, this one is hidden in one of the crates near the Burial Passage's north door.

Darksiders 2

Lostlight/Earth Page Locations:

1) Before crossing the bridge to the Crystal Spire, check the ruins to the south for this easy page grab.

2) On your way through the northern streets of Earth, red Corruption crystals signal this page's location.

3) Use Deathgrip in the subway station after nabbing the Staff of Arafel to pick up this page. It's waiting on a pipe in the stairwell leading to the courtyard.

4) Near an eastern sewer entrance on your way from the courtyard on Earth to the southern streets. No tricks here.

5) When the streets widen past the southern building of the first area of Earth, just before dropping down into the plaza, go west into a building to claim this page.

6) Meet up with Uriel in the lower section of the overpass on Earth, and then grab the page waiting between a car and the wall to the south.

7) In the west tower area of the Ivory Citadel, head out through the south exit and find this page waiting near more Corruption.

8) Follow handholds and shimmy along the west ledge of the north courtyard in the Ivory Citadel and pick up this page.

Shadow's Edge Locations:

1) On the overworld map of Shadow's Edge, take a turn to the left while heading toward the Black Stone. The passage leads through a small structure, where you can climb the wall to find the page.

2) An incredibly easy to find page, this one is waiting on the eastern edge of Lilith's chamber at the Black Stone.

3) Climb out of the pit in the past version of the east wing at the Black Stone, and find this page tucked away in a nearby corner.

4) Come back to the present in the Black Stone and check out the west wing. Use your portals to reach this page, hidden in the northwest corner.

5) Use your portals just outside of Samael's throne room to travel down and reach the small cranny with this page.

Darksiders 2

Congratulations, you've now found the location of every Book of the Dead page in Darksiders 2! Okay, so now what? At every ten pages, feel free to return to Vulgrim and exchange your chapter for a key. These keys open Death Tombs, which you've probably already seen on your travels; they're the big doors with red, green, blue and yellow gems placed in a circle pattern, and there's one in each realm. Here are the locations of all Death Tombs in Darksiders 2:

The first Death Tomb is technically located at the Nook's exterior, but you'll want to fast travel to the Lost Temple's entrance instead. Head south and you'll come across the door.

The second Death Tomb is located at the bottom of the Lair of the Deposed King. Just head down the winding staircase and you'll find it. Once you've opened it, slide the two statues inside to their proper spots to open up secret rooms and grab even more loot!

The third Death Tomb is right along the main trail of Lostlight, about halfway between the Crystal Spire and the Tree of Life. Smashy smashy all the vases and you'll get an extra stash of money.

The final Death Tomb waits in Shadow's Edge. Just south of the Black Stone, this Tomb has the largest and creepiest of entrance designs, so you can't miss it. You'll get tons of stuff from here, but if you break everything kept within, a secret chest will appear above the stairs.

There's your guide, Horsemen! Enjoy your hunt for these lost relics and others. Looking for some combat tips or want to know how to beat some Darksiders 2 bosses? Check out even more Darksiders 2 guides and walkthroughs on G4!

Darksiders 2 Guide -- Book Of The Dead Pages Locations


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