Nintendo Power Magazine To Shut Down?


Posted August 21, 2012 - By Stephen Johnson

Ohio Middle School Removes Nintendo Power Magazine From LibraryBad news, gamers: If reports from Ars Technica turn out to be correct, Nintendo Power magazine is shutting down soon.

According to the source, Nintendo pulled the plug. The company, described as "difficult to work with," was uninterested in renewing its contract with Future Publishing, the group who published the magazine. According to the source, Nintendo is not interested in taking over direct control of Nintendo Power either.

Reportedly, Nintendo Power editors and staffers were told of the magazine's impending closure last weekend are being transitioned to work on other Future magazines and publications like GamesRadar and MacLife magazine.

We don't have any information right now about how many months of Nintendo Power are left, as as yet, neither Future Publishing nor Nintendo has issued any kind of confirmation of the reports.

Nintendo Power magazine has been around since 1988. It began as a newsletter mailed to interested gamers, directly from Nintendo. Nintendo ran the magazine from 1989 through late 2007, before contracting it out to Future Publishing.

Source: Ars Technica

Nintendo Power Magazine To Shut Down?