Need For Speed: Most Wanted Offers Kinect Voice Controls

Posted August 16, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Need For Speed Most Wanted's CloudCompete System Announced

Need for Speed: Most Wanted will support Kinect play on Xbox 360 consoles, with a range of support-oriented voice commands that allow players to keep watching the road in front of them. Many of the commands will be tied to the game's "easy drive" menus, executive producer Matt Webster told Polygon.

In addition to being able to verbally call out for things like (in the example provided) a switch from street to off road tires, you'll also be able to use your words to trigger more in-the-moment actions. The self-explanatory "engine off" command is useful for hiding from the fuzz during a police chase, for example. You can also say "look around" for a quick 360-degree spin around your car and "rearview" to check out what's behind you.

Here we have yet another example of Kinect voice commands being put to clever use. Motion controls for a game as complex as Need for Speed: Most Wanted would almost certainly fall short, but these voice commands promise to really improve the level of control you have over your play experience.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Offers Kinect Voice Controls