Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- There Are Worse Things Than Sharks In The Virtual Sea


Posted August 16, 2012 - By Brittany Vincent

The darkest corners of the sea are home to an innumerable amount of menacing underwater creatures, most of which we've never even seen before. Video games love to prey on the fear of the unknown and the potential for some extremely gnarly undersea life, and many of them incorporate some rather nightmarish monsters to scare us out of our wits.

Some are simply variations on normal sea life. In fact, you'd better hope with all your might that you see a shark instead of one of these monstrosities. In honor of the annual celebration in which we sing all the praises of said sharks, Shark Week, we've caught five underwater creatures in gaming that are way worse than sharks.

Look out next time you decide to go snorkeling.

Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- Creatures Who Can Take On A Shark

5. Morpheel

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Morpheel awaits Link in a watery chamber that must be accessed using Zora Armor and resembles that of a monstrous eel, only with disgusting gelatinous tentacle appendages and an enormous eyeball that acts as its weak point. Several times throughout the boss battle Morpheel tries to consume Link, but that's nothing compared to what it would do to a human in real life. Link can go back to a previous save point. You, on the other hand, cannot. Making any trips to the Lakebed Temple in the near future? Bring a Clawshot along and prepare to fight for your life.

Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- Creatures Who Can Take On A Shark

4. Hulking Lungfish

Game: Psychonauts

This hideous monstrosity was once a regular lungfish, until Dr. Loboto and Coach Oleander got hold of her and turned her into this freakshow. Poor Linda of Psychonauts fame is found in Lake Oblongata, and is used as a pawn to kidnap children. But even despite being forced to act against her will, she's not quite all there. Is that really a face you want to run into in the middle of the murky deep? We didn't think so.

Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- There Are Worse Things Than Sharks In The Virtual Sea

3. Draygon

Game: Super Metroid

This menacing pea soup colored crustacean appears in Maridia and is a handful to contend with. Super Metroid makes things a little easier to deal with by not forcing an oxygen meter on you during the scuffle, but the underwater environments still hinders Samus, unless you put on the Gravity Suit. Draygon's stomach will eventually burst during battle, creating a very unsettling image (as if he weren't ugly enough already) and you'll have to contend with other, smaller nuisances. Maridia is disgusting on its own without adding this creepy frog monster to the mix.

Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- Creatures Who Can Take On A Shark

2. Hydrus

Game: Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is chock-full of breathtaking (and difficult) bosses, and the enormous eel Hydrus is no slouch. Though your scuffle is above the water, which is occasionally electrified by way of the enormous behemoth. Fighting your way to the weak spot is a battle in itself. The snake-like colossus's shocking potential is enough to make for a frustrating encounter. Where a shark relies on its multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth, Hydrus needs only look at you funny to send a shock through your system. Or two. And it only takes a second to knock you right into the middle of an electrified pool.

Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- Creatures Who Can Take On A Shark

1. Emerald Weapon

Game: Final Fantasy VII

This optional super boss found in Final Fantasy VII is found at the bottom of the sea, and while not technically an undersea creature, it's a protector of the Planet that is freed when it senses a threat -- you, in this case, traveling underwater via submarine, summoning it for battle. It's rocking 1,000,000 HP and unless you brought the Underwater Materia with you, you've only got 20 minutes to take this sucker out. Though it may not resemble some sort of freakishly deformed fish, it's an underwater force to be reckoned with.

With the several thousands of water levels and their additional inhabitants out there, it was tough to settle on only five underwater "friends" worse than sharks. And some sharks in gaming are worse still.

What are the most terrifying monsters you've ever come across? Let us know, and take care next time you get in the water. You never know what you're gonna find down there.

Top 5 Video Game Terrors Of The Deep -- There Are Worse Things Than Sharks In The Virtual Sea


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