Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Suggests More Changes To The Ending Sequences


Posted August 8, 2012 - By Nikole Zivalich

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Script information hidden in Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut DLC hints more changes to the scenes leading up to the ending, specifically dialogue choices, for gamers who download Leviathan. The upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 3 will give gamers extra dialogue choices when speaking with the Star Child. Shepard will be able to ask more questions about the Reapers' origins, a question blocked previously with a "You probably haven't heard of them" answer. Answers about the Leviathan, itself, are expected too.

BioWare has stated they will not change the ending further, but maybe they're okay with changing scenes leading up to it.

The Leviathan content pack will delve deeper into Reapers' origins, and their creator: the Leviathan.

Members of the BioWare forums have already cracked ME3: Extended Cut to find some of the extra dialogue options.

"They are the creators. They are the ones who requested the solution," the Star Child AI will say if the new DLC pack is installed. "They became the first to be harvested."

"We required their harvesting to create the first Reaper. To enforce and enact on the solution I created."

Using the same methods to discover details pertaining to the Leviathan DLC before it was announced, these gamers were able to find clues about the next piece of story driven DLC for ME3. Apparently there are dialogue options in the game that set up a mission to retake Mass Effect 2's Omega from Cerberus control, a mission that was previously in ME3 but taken out. The Omega content still in ME3 is locked, presumably until DLC opens it.

Even more evidence pointing to Shepard's return to Omega can be found the Firefight weapon DLC pack released for Mass Effect 3 this week. Two new maps are listed as locations for gun mods, one is "Lev" and the other is "Omg." My guess is Lev stands for Leviathan and Omg stands for Omega. I'm kind of scientist.

All of these details suggest BioWare is still making changes to the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3, albeit minor ones. It's a nice addition for single player DLC to offer more dialogue options to the end, but it's asking a lot of gamers to replay the ending to experience it.

I'm hesitant to play any single player DLC for ME3 because to me, the game ended, and it ended on a sour note. Just because the game spits you out a few hours before you take back Earth, doesn't mean I want to keep playing missions that ultimately won't affect the ending, save for a choice words with the kid. I'm stubborn, I acknowledge that.

Do you plan on playing the Leviathan DLC pack? Do you want to return to Omega?

Source: Eurogamer

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Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Suggests More Changes To The Ending Sequences


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