Castle Crashers Champs Can Compete For A Gold-Plated Xbox 360

Posted August 6, 2012 - By Adam Rosenberg

Castle Crashers

The Behemoth is bringing back its Tournament of Champions for 2012 in an effort to find the current year's most talented Castle Crashers Arena fighter (via Joystiq). The prize? A bunch of Castle Crashers-related swag and -- best of all -- a gold-freakin'-plated Xbox 360. It may not be the solid gold house of Chester Lampwick's dreams, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

The gold-plated Xbox 360 is actually a repeat of last year's top prize, though it's bolstered now with a swag collection that includes 25 squeezy chickens, one chonku-chonku mini-figurine (the color choice is yours), all nine Castle Crashers mobile phone charms, a beanie hat, a Behemoth T-shirt, and a Necromancer figurine signed by the dev team. Second place winners will get the signed Necromancer and a smaller assortment of swag; third place gets four chonku-chonku mini-figurines, in red, blue, green, and orange, plus additional swag.

There are more prizes as well, for anyone who places in the top 50. There's also an additional reward going to the top 24 contenders. None of which will be as awesome as a gold-plated Xbox 360 (or a gold-plated anything), of course, but you can bet the lower ranked prizes will still be cool.

Participating is easy: you just need to play tons of Ranked Arena matches in Castle Crashers (on Xbox 360, natch). To be eligible, you'll need to get your name into the top 100 weekly ranked Arena players by noon pacific on August 17, 2012. That top 100 will then compete in a series of 1v1 single elimination matches on August 25 to determine the winner. You can find a more detailed explanation for all of this over at The Behemoth's website.

Castle Crashers Champs Can Compete For A Gold-Plated Xbox 360


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