Dishonored Preview From QuakeCon 2012 -- Assassination Meets The Supernatural


Posted August 3, 2012 - By Leah Jackson


Dishonered sounds like one of the most innovative, brutal games coming out this year. In it, you can do things like teleport behind an innocent man and slit his throat. Or, you can attack a guard, have him turn and fire his pistol at you, then stop time and possess him and make him walk in front of his own bullet. Awesome.

In our latest preview of the game, we take a look at one of Dishonored's brand new missions and go about tackling it in a variety of ways.

From our preview:

For the second run through, I simply Blinked myself over the front gate, chased down a guest’s lost invitation that was caught by the wind, and entered the party as a legit invitee. Stealth was the order of business this time, and I stuck to the shadows and corners as I eavesdropped on conversations and slowly strolled through the house. But a Lord Brisby stopped me and said he needed to speak privately. As it turns out, he’s in love with the same Lady Boyle you’re looking for, and he asks you to bring her to the cellar instead of killing her.

For more, check out our full Dishonored preview from QuakeCon 2012.

Dishonored Preview From QuakeCon 2012 -- Assassination Meets The Supernatural


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