Mass Effect 3 Confirmed As Wii U Launch Title


Posted August 2, 2012 - By Leah Jackson

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Mass Effect 3 Screenshots -- Prepare For Lens Flare

Mass Effect 3 has been confirmed as a Wii U launch title, marking the series' first appearance on a Nintendo console. We learned about Mass Effect 3 coming to the Wii U back at E3 and hoped to hear a bit more information on the port at EA's Summer Showcase, but other than the launch confirmation, BioWare kind of left us hanging.

We're not sure how BioWare is going to catch up gamers who didn't have the chance to play ME1 or ME2, nor how they're going to incorporate the multiplayer portion of the game yet. When we get more details on the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3, we'll let you know. 

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Mass Effect 3 Confirmed As Wii U Launch Title