Top 5 Source Filmmaker Shorts -- Lights, Cameras, Explosions


Posted August 10, 2012 - By Rob Manuel

After Valve released their Source Filmmaker for free to the public, the internet became flooded with videos the ran the gamut of shockingly good to ones better left on the cutting room floor. We sifted through hundreds of home-made shorts to deliver only the cream of the crop to your front door. Watch as these budding virtual directors use visuals, editing techniques, and the tools at hand to tell a story or at times simply convey a mood through a well-placed shot or eye roll.

For everyone else just wanting to kill fifteen minutes in their day, sit back and relax by watching the Top 5 Source Filmmaker Shorts that you need to check out.

Practical Problems

In this short, we watch as two Engineers from opposing sides try to one-up the other during a battle. Things quickly get out of hand as each one takes this act of revenge to the next level. Keep an eye on all the action happen around these two as well. The director here keeps the world alive by using quick bits of battle to make it seem as though a game is going on around the two rivals.

Just One More Hat

It’s hard enough as it is to get a steady shot. Try for a musical. Based on the Little Mermaid’s “A Part Of Your World,” this bit of virtual film showcases one scout’s longing for a little headgear. With funny hats and mullets flying everywhere, Just One More Hat does a superb job at poking fun of that endless Team Fortress 2 itch for just one more item.

Zip It

If you can’t figure out where this scene comes from, then I feel terribly old. A number of virtual directors have been taking clips from movies and recreating them in source, but this little exchange between Dr. Evil and his son is nearly spot-on. Just watch the Scout’s reaction to the Heavy as he deliver’s his lines. Priceless.


Just try watching this film without a smile on your face or tapping your feet. Goldrush takes one fast ditty and combines it with the orchestrated madness of a multiplayer match. Explosions, body parts flying, and catchy tune; they’re all apart of the ingredients that make up an amazing video.

Scout And About 2

With one short already under his belt, this budding director is looking to continue the story of one Scout’s mission to get the intel. This time he runs up against the dynamic duo of the Heavy and the Medic. Can one man with a baseball bat and a dream ever hope to take out these vile villains? Hit play to find out.

Top 5 Source Filmmaker Shorts -- Lights, Cameras, Explosions


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