A Historical Look Back Of The Development Final Fantasy Versus 13 -- What We Know And When We Knew It


Posted July 26, 2012 - By Jonathan Deesing

Announced alongside Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-O XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII had high expectations from the jump. Toss in my eternal love for all things Kingdom Hearts, the fact that the creator of Kingdom Hearts was also the director of Versus, and I was sold. But then reality set in, and six years later here I am; with no Versus and with no Kingdom Hearts 3 (which supposedly won’t be started until Versus is completed).

Much like any long-delayed game, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has treated fans to myriad highs and lows; daunting expectations that are dashed weeks later by a statement or press conference. The most recent of these, a rumored game cancellation published by Kotaku, reminded me once more just how protracted Versus’ development has been. So out of sheer curiosity, I threw together a timeline of the game’s development, detailing every time fans held their breath or let out a sigh of relief.


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As you can see, Tetsuya Nomura has done the lion’s share of public relations, but he doesn’t seem to be the one making the decisions. Indeed, Nomura looks to be on our side, wanting to see Versus shipped as soon as possible. However, studio hiccups as well as a full slate of major titles has obviously hampered development in a big way. Though Square Enix seems reluctant to officially announce a cancellation for the title, we’ve all been burned before and know better.

Versus as we expected it died years ago. If we do finally get to see the game, I fear it may be something resembling Duke Nukem Forever; a Frankenstein’s monster of a game with the scars of a prolonged development riddling its body. And the worst part is that every day Square Enix refuses to cancel Versus is a day longer we have to wait to see Kingdom Hearts 3. And that’s just a damn shame.

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A Historical Look Back Of The Development Final Fantasy Versus 13 -- What We Know And When We Knew It


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